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Candwich is back...back again!

The Candwich - Sandwich in a Can
The Candwich - Novelty? Gag Gift? Joke? Lunch? I'd say all of the above. This "sandwich in a can" is definitely silly and weird and I can't tell if it's the best thing in the world or the worst thing in world. Irregardless, I have had the opportunity of working with the Founder, Mark Kirkland, or as some call him the "Earl of Candwich." He is a genuine person and truly wants to give back and help "can" hunger. Mark is no stranger to controversy and has had his fair share of hiccups along the way in building his Candwich-opoly.

A Viral Sensation
Candwich went viral in 2010 when the New York Times broke the story about a rogue investor who ran a Ponzi Scheme and stole upwards of $145 million from creditors who wanted to invest in Mark One Foods Corp, Candwich's parent company. It took a long time to settle with creditors but Mark has successfully regained control of Candwich and wants to bring his sandwich in a can back to retail stores and to aid in disaster relief efforts across the globe. The viral sensation inspired many articles, taste test videos and opinions about Candwich and the purpose of canned sandwiches. WHY? Why does the world need sandwich in a can?

Social Proof - The New York Times - Eater - AV Club 

Disaster Relief
It is simple. FEMA wanted to order 1 million Candwiches during Hurricane Katrina but Mark One Foods was not in production at the time and couldn't produce such a large order. There is the demand to have these shelf-stable (for more than one year) Candwiches available, especially in times of need. Just think of the amazing work Candwich could do with the Red Cross, Haiti, Louisiana and many other places where food may be scarce and displaced residents need access to sustenance and aid.

Now Available on Indiegogo
The good news is that Candwich is back, with what could be considered a comeback with a crowdfunding effort on Indiegogo. Not only can you pre-order Candwich for yourself, you can send as a gag gift to a friend or even just donate to charity. The goal is set for only $10,000 which I believe is certainly doable. I think that many people may not see passed the novelty or the "sandwich in a can-ness" of this campaign, but I truly believe this company exists to do some good and to in fact make lunch fun. It's no doubt that kids love peanut butter and jelly and like a Lunchable, the ability to make their own sandwich at school. The key here to see the big picture. A company and product like Candwich needs to exist. That way when disaster strikes, we can send 1000 Candwiches to people in need. The infrastructure is there for the vending machine world (and hey you can even buy a vending machine of Candwich on Indiegogo) because they are in cans, the same size as soda pop. There's a new can, new branding, and new flavors. What's not to love?

Campaign link

Get Involved
It's very easy to get involved with this campaign. Just head on over to Indiegogo and get a six-pack (or two) of Candwich and donate to a Food Bank.

But Is It Tasty?
As a crowdfunding expert, I got in on this early. I have tried the PB&J Grape, the PB&J Honey, the PB&J Almond Hazelnut Butter, and the Apple Turnover. I liked every single one of them. I would eat them on a trip, on a hike, or when I'm really hungry. Seriously, I am not joking. I tend to eat silly snacks like bread and peanut butter anyway or even a tortilla with butter and salt. How is this different? It's not. The sweeter pastry type flavors I think will always be my favorite and I absolutely love the Justin's brand peanut butter packets and chocolate hazelnut almond butter packets. I'm not a Nutella fan, but that stuff is delicious. Apple Turnover is so good and even better if you heat it up. I've heard that guy like the Honey BBQ Chicken more as it has a beef jerky/slimjim kind of texture. If they keep rolling out classy PB&J and make those apple turnovers, I'm sold. People keep asking if it's loaded with preservatives. They have ingredients and nutrition facts available in their FAQs on Indiegogo and I can easily see that they use less sodium than a Cup of Noodle. If you can drink a can of sugar and sodium (also known as a soda pop) you can eat a Candwich and be just fine.

Bottom Line
Is it worth it? I say yes! Candwich is back. Pre-Order Today on Indiegogo and Make Lunch Fun!

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