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Help My Family Care For My Momma | Generosity Fundraiser on Indiegogo

Hi! We are Monica's daughters. Many of you may know that our mom, Monica Way, recently spent 5 days in the hospital this last week for a still unknown cause of swelling and high blood pressure. She was able to come home on Tuesday and now another journey begins. Recovery. 

What Happened and What We Know
Monica was experiencing painful swelling in her neck and feet two weeks ago. After an urgent care visit, she took some Benedryl and managed the symptoms which seemed to disappear. Then on June 8th, the swelling returned even worse and she felt light headed and in pain. She then went to urgent care where they checked her blood pressure which was reaching over 240. This put her at risk for a stroke. She was given an ACE inhibitor to manage her blood pressure.  Luckily she did not have a stroke.

ACE Inhibitors can cause angioedema which is mild to severe swelling in the neck, throat, tongue, hands and feet in like 0.1 to 0.7 of the people taking this drug. This happened to her exactly and she was admitted to the hospital. Her tongue swelled too large along with her bronchial area so they have to put her on a breathing tube and sedate her until the swelling went down and she could breathe again on her own. They were 15 seconds from a tracheotomy. She is so lucky they got the tube placed just in time. She was in the ICU until Sunday, June 11 with round the clock care until the swelling finally went down and allowed her to breathe. Doctors continued to monitor her in the recovery wing until Tuesday, today. The thing that scares us most is that we still don't know what caused the swelling initially or why her blood pressure was so high, but we do know that she cannot have ACE inhibitors. Lesson learned and now we have a long way to go.

Our mom works part-time at Macy's and now cannot work for an extended amount of time. She needs to be able to pay her rent, bills and medical expenses incurred from her stint in the hospital in addition to the new tests, doctor visits and medications that she now needs to purchase. Because the doctors do not know what caused her throat, neck, feet and hands to swell, she must carry an epinephrine pen (epi pen) with her at all times in case this type of reaction happens again. Those cost around $600.

More About Monica
Monica is many many things. You can also call her Mo. Perhaps her most beloved title is that of mother and grandmother. Currently her son, Grant is at US Air Force Base Military Training in Texas. One daughter, Alexandria, lives in Los Angeles pursuing her dreams and her oldest daughter, Danielle, is a proud new momma to 2-month-old Lane Owen and 2-year-old Nolan Scott. Monica is a lover of love, faith, and kindness and let's face it, she's got a great sense of humor (yes even dirty jokes). Mo has been a survivor for years of Fibromyalgia which is a neurological auto-immune illness that creates pain symptoms and reactions throughout her body when there is no cause of stimuli for that pain. Every day is a blessing, yet every day there is mild to severe widespread pain to endure and overcome. FM also amplifies any amount of pain to an insurmountable amount of pain. Her recovery will take longer and be more painful because of her chronic condition. It has already been a huge struggle to work 4-hour shifts at Macy's but she showed up and did what she could to pay the bills. Our hope is that soon her disability status will be approved. It continues to be a lengthy process as Fibromyalgia is just becoming understood by the medical community and the state.

How You Can Help
We would love your support to help make our mom's life a little bit easier. She needs to pay her very large and outstanding medical debt that continues to accrue because of this recent hospital stay and it only stands to get larger with her new ailments and her chronic illness. This includes bills for the ICU, emergency room, recovery room, tests, blood pressure and pain medications, a supply of epinephrine pens, meals, chiropractic care, allergy specialist, stress tests, pain management care, and so much more.

Family is Our World
We don't know what we would do without our mom. This medical emergency gave us a scare and we are dedicated to making sure our mom has the care she needs to live simply and healthily. Our fear is that our whole family will crumble under this debt trying to pay these bills and that she will have to go without an epi pen or pain meds and be at risk once again to this possibly recurring reaction (angioedema). Your help would mean the world to all of us. We wish we had the means to let her live with any of us or get her the necessary care. We just do not have the resources.

Even $5 goes a long way and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It's very hard for us to publicly ask for help. We are truly looking to help our mom, Monica, can live the life she deserves and together, we can make it happen.

We will need the funds immediately as we book medical appointments, order medications, pay down her bills and schedule checkups that require co-pays and out of pocket costs. Her HMO doesn't cover very much and we need the epi pens as soon as possible to prevent another edema episode.

We are so thankful you landed on this page and we are eternally grateful for any support. Even a share, a like, a tweet will help us reach more people who may have a buck to spare for a family in need.

Thank you and God bless!
Danielle and Alexandria

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