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Film Festivals and Fun: Summer 2015

"THE WARNING" Los Angeles Premiere @ USC Trailer

The Warning takes on handheld camera and continuous long form acting scenes with this adventure / horror film.  Despite multiple warnings from the universe, three high school friends reunite to bust or prove the urban legend of Satan worship in Colorado while their troubled pasts confront them.  Some people felt sick in the front rows from the camera movements, but I did not.  I liked the long scenes, where cut wasn't an option for the director as it feels at times, more like a stage play than film.  Jeff Allen and Tiffany Joy Williams outshine their co-star, Summer Moore with convincing acting and genuine performances.  The film definitely feels like an older horror film, where some parts come off funnier than maybe intended.  The scare factor is low, as this situation is less scary and more spooky due to the location, darkness, sounds and the unknown as it surrounds the trio and forces intimate conversations between the f…