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Trich: My Struggle is Still Here...

There are days when I forgot I have a problem.  I totally don't remember that I'm not like other people.  Yes lots of people play with their hair but with me it's different.  Today is tough.  This week was tough.  I have pulled out a lot of hairs this week.  Instead of punishing myself and being sad or feeling like everyone can see my imperfections, I am choosing to just STOP and take a breath and to be mindful.  Forgetting to be mindful is easy.  It's because it's so much easier not to pay attention to your impulses and to give in and to do what is comforting.

Playing with my hair, twirling, braiding have always been comforting to me since I was a little girl and it was never a REAL problem.  I believe that my anti-depressants changed the texture of my hair as medications tend to do.  So while my anxieties and depression was lifted my nuanced hair pulling began because my hair just felt different and I wanted to get rid of the ones that felt weird, different, bad,…

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