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The Best News for Independent Artists and Musicians - Gigmor

I remember loving to sing more than I loved most things.  I remember not knowing why people kept asking me to sing for them.  I thought they must just like Disney movies as much as I did.  Then people started to pay me with ice cream to sing more.  Before I knew it, I was on stage.  Well an altar, because it really began in Mass singing hymns in a choir. 

When people keep applauding, you don't stop.  You don't stop when the crowd loves what you have to offer.  On top of that, singing and performing, that's the only time I felt at peace, the only time I was completely myself.

I certainly do miss these feelings.  I have played at the Parish Room at the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd where I earned my first $100 for performing at a real venue.  A gig I got because I knew someone at Live Nation who happened to book the venue and happened to see my Facebook post about wanting to play gigs.  Another time I played an open mic night at the only bar in a one lane town in Hope, Alaska and brought the bar to sing along with me to a cover of Joan Osborn's "One of Us." Other live shows were open mic nights and National Anthems for college and professional sports games.  All this after 15 years of musical theater, I still struggled with the idea that I could make a living as singer.

I taught myself to play guitar over seven years.  Still not perfect, but it enabled me to write my own songs and perform them.  I always knew I would "make it." Whatever that meant. I can imagine a lot of musicians have trouble putting their guitars away. Or if not away, at least not played as often or out of the house.  And my two guitars collect dust and my microphone rests in a drawer with all the cords neatly packed away.

I thought this was where my life was going until Gigmor.  

Gigmor is a musician only social platform. Now we've all heard of ReverbNation and other platforms and God knows we've all used craigslist to find band mates or gigs, but I feel hope that there is a solution out there for indie artists.  We love to perform.  We all have day-jobs.  Maybe that can change.  Maybe I really can rock the casbah!  And maybe even I can make a few bucks, or more than a few, fingers crossed.

Right now, Gigmor already has a social platform that connects musicians to each other. Which is great.  You don't have to scour the internet of everything, you are only looking for performers.  It really does narrow down the search, by a lot.  I am also less scared as a female to look for band mates, because Craigslist is pretty scary.  

Gigmor has just announced that it is partnering with MUSIC BOX San Diego where the venue will book Gigmor Artists directly from the platform for gigs.  This is a great opportunity and hopefully just the beginning of a long list of venue partners that will aim to discover new talent and provide paying gigs for emerging artists.  I really am excited.

The MUSIC BOX, takes place of the former, ANTHOLOGY, and increased their capacity from 250 to over 700.  It's a great new venue and I look forward to checking it out, and hopefully maybe even playing a gig there!!  

It's amazing to think that someone out there is trying to bring the music business into the 21st century. Finally, someone is on the side of the artists, the music creators, the people who just want to sing! For so long record companies and executives are the only ones who make the big bucks and by then they've molded their indie artist into a cash machine.  I just want to play the way I want to play.  I want to feel the hot lights.  I want to connect to audience with my stories and my voice that has been silent for too long.  

This is the kick in the butt I needed to get out there and play again.  Thanks to Gigmor, I think I'll plug in that amp, set up the mic and rock on.

Gigmor is currently running an equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine.  When funded, Gigmor plans to use the funds to build a mobile app and develop the platform into a digital booking engine, where bands and artists can book a gig directly.  Never before have artists and venues been able to connect.  Gigmor aims to provide matching and ratings (GigScore) based on proprietary metrics to aids talent buyers in hiring the right bands for their venues.  

Fear not, my fellow indie musicians: CHANGE IS FINALLY COMING!  

Check out this video that explains what they are up to here 

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