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Film Festivals and Fun: Summer 2015

Los Angeles Premiere @ USC

The Warning takes on handheld camera and continuous long form acting scenes with this adventure / horror film.  Despite multiple warnings from the universe, three high school friends reunite to bust or prove the urban legend of Satan worship in Colorado while their troubled pasts confront them.  Some people felt sick in the front rows from the camera movements, but I did not.  I liked the long scenes, where cut wasn't an option for the director as it feels at times, more like a stage play than film.  Jeff Allen and Tiffany Joy Williams outshine their co-star, Summer Moore with convincing acting and genuine performances.  The film definitely feels like an older horror film, where some parts come off funnier than maybe intended.  The scare factor is low, as this situation is less scary and more spooky due to the location, darkness, sounds and the unknown as it surrounds the trio and forces intimate conversations between the films key players.  The ending seemed to wrap up quickly and definitely came out of nowhere.  Great shock for the ending and enjoyed the film style.  

Jeff Allen and Aleksandria [Alexandria] Embleton 
attend the Film Independent Member Reception 
June 15, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.
Source: Getty Images
More on Jeff Allen (Actor/Producer)

LAFF Screening for "FAN GIRL"

I enjoyed Kiernan Shipka is this teeny-bopper film.  It rides the surface of what could've been a deeper look into what inspires millennials as they navigate a socially connected online world with the one right in front of them.  What I would've killlllled for to have Instagram in high school as a way to express myself, instead of Xanga pages, pre-Facebook MySpace profiles and AIM profile captions.  
Kiernan shines and definitely brings fullness to her character which is so NOT Sally Draper, thankfully.  Kiernan's Talulah Farrow would've been my hero at 15 and I think she will be for plenty of young teens out there, ready to scoop up this film and the chance to enjoy many new songs from ALL TIME LOW, the real life band featured throughout the film and who's newest album, Future Hearts, just hit top 10.  

This pop-punk loving, Dashboard Confessional singing emo kid (during the 2000s) definitely wants this soundtrack and parents won't mind it either.

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