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The Best News for Independent Artists and Musicians - Gigmor

I remember loving to sing more than I loved most things.  I remember not knowing why people kept asking me to sing for them.  I thought they must just like Disney movies as much as I did.  Then people started to pay me with ice cream to sing more.  Before I knew it, I was on stage.  Well an altar, because it really began in Mass singing hymns in a choir. 

When people keep applauding, you don't stop.  You don't stop when the crowd loves what you have to offer.  On top of that, singing and performing, that's the only time I felt at peace, the only time I was completely myself.

I certainly do miss these feelings.  I have played at the Parish Room at the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd where I earned my first $100 for performing at a real venue.  A gig I got because I knew someone at Live Nation who happened to book the venue and happened to see my Facebook post about wanting to play gigs.  Another time I played an open mic night at the only bar in a one lane town in Hope, Alaska…

The Very Best of Sharks! #Sharkweek

SHARKS! SHARKS SHARKS! Mood: #sharkweek duh πŸš£πŸ»πŸŠπŸ»πŸ„πŸ½πŸŒŠπŸ’€#statusupdate apple why you no has sharky emoji? FAIL! A photo posted by Alexandria Embleton (@alexinhwood) on Jul 6, 2015 at 3:12pm PDT


Imma EatchYo Legs...Dunna, Dunna... FAMILY GUY SHARK



Look! It's a LAND PoppleSHARK!🐷☀️🐬 I think it's pretty safe to say, Pop's excited about #SharkWeek!πŸ’™#LandPig #Poppleton #shark #DiscoveryChannel #PonteVedra #PrissyAndPop A photo posted by Priscilla and PoppletonπŸ’—πŸ’™ (@prissy_pig) on Jul 5, 2015 at 3:20pm PDT

Motherf*ckin Landshark #everytime #dontanswer #chevychase #SNL #CLASSIC #weekendupdate #sharkweek #sharks A photo posted by Alexandria Embleton (@alexinhwood) on Jul 6, 2015 at 3:18pm PDT




Taking on the Pain of Others Can Cost You Your Health

Do you take on the pain of others?  Does a sad Facebook post from an acquaintance bother you for days on end?  Do you lie awake at night worrying about the troubles of your family and friends and wish you could make their problems and sadness disappear?  Is your emotional health taking a toll because you spend so much time caring for the distant pain of the world around you?

YOU ARE A VERY SPECIAL KIND OF PERSON, but there is a healthier way to show empathy and care for the ones you love.

You may be thinking...but I am always weighed down by this pain and the events and ailments that burden my friends.  How does this make me special?  Aren't I just a worrier?  Why can't I just let all these emotions go?  Why can't I be happy, and can I, when I know there is so much suffering?  Why am I so sensitive to everything around me?  Why do I feel like I notice things about people and feel them and others don't?

It is very possible that you are an Empath and a Highly Sensitive P…

Trich: From the Beginning to Where I Am Now

My journey has been an odd one since January 2013...when I began to feel a change in my hair texture.  I don't know if the change occurred because of natural aging and hair does over time or if it was the addition of anti depressants to my daily routine.  I have always been a fidgeter, a nervous type of person.  Easy to startle and not fond of being poked or tickled or touched without warning.  Since I can remember I have loved the softness of my hair and have always played with it, braided it, unbraided it, braided it again and just always twisting and twirling.  I never thought anything of it really and only a few people seemed to notice.  As I got older, I looked a little childish twirling my hair so I began to pay more attention to it and lessen that habit around others.

Well, in 2013, somehow my hair texture was different and as a certain hair twirler, fidgeter, OCD type person, I began pulling out and inspecting these hairs.  They were soooo curly, so different, so course c…

Film Festivals and Fun: Summer 2015

"THE WARNING" Los Angeles Premiere @ USC Trailer

The Warning takes on handheld camera and continuous long form acting scenes with this adventure / horror film.  Despite multiple warnings from the universe, three high school friends reunite to bust or prove the urban legend of Satan worship in Colorado while their troubled pasts confront them.  Some people felt sick in the front rows from the camera movements, but I did not.  I liked the long scenes, where cut wasn't an option for the director as it feels at times, more like a stage play than film.  Jeff Allen and Tiffany Joy Williams outshine their co-star, Summer Moore with convincing acting and genuine performances.  The film definitely feels like an older horror film, where some parts come off funnier than maybe intended.  The scare factor is low, as this situation is less scary and more spooky due to the location, darkness, sounds and the unknown as it surrounds the trio and forces intimate conversations between the f…

CHRIS HANSEN is back with web-series: Hansen vs. Predator - UPDATED

SUCCESSFULLY FUNDED!!  Chris Hansen is my hero.  This is the Kickstarter video from his camp and I already got my BACKER BUNDLE to help fund his new show.

Support CHRIS HANSEN in scaring away all the creepy dudes out there and to educate those who are unaware of the threats online.


I will update this post as the campaign goes on,  until then, HAVE A SEAT!

Tweet Chris Hansen -> @ChrisHansen

April 22nd - REDDIT AMA with Chris Hansen

Until the new show airs, we will just have to stick to 
watching reruns on MSNBC and YouTube


MOST POPULAR GIRLS IN SCHOOL: Season 4 Wrap Party @ YoutubeSpaceLA

Trich: My Struggle is Still Here...

There are days when I forgot I have a problem.  I totally don't remember that I'm not like other people.  Yes lots of people play with their hair but with me it's different.  Today is tough.  This week was tough.  I have pulled out a lot of hairs this week.  Instead of punishing myself and being sad or feeling like everyone can see my imperfections, I am choosing to just STOP and take a breath and to be mindful.  Forgetting to be mindful is easy.  It's because it's so much easier not to pay attention to your impulses and to give in and to do what is comforting.

Playing with my hair, twirling, braiding have always been comforting to me since I was a little girl and it was never a REAL problem.  I believe that my anti-depressants changed the texture of my hair as medications tend to do.  So while my anxieties and depression was lifted my nuanced hair pulling began because my hair just felt different and I wanted to get rid of the ones that felt weird, different, bad,…

Dog Lover's Tee - Now Available in the ALEXINHWOOD Store!

Feast your eyes on these awesome tees with a cause!   My Dog Lover's Tees will benefit the  Best Friends Organization's Initiative, NKLA!
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Hope you will get on board and join me in raising funds to create  a NO KILL NATION by 2017!

Cat Lover's Tee - Back By Popular Demand!

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These cute shirts are soft and cozy and in fun colors for everyone to enjoy. Each time you wear the alexinhwood CatFace you will know that you personally helped a kitty in need. Please share this campaign with friends and family and cat lovers everywhere and help me make this a true community effort to support No Kill efforts in Los Angeles. These shirts will be printed and sent out in 15 days! 25% of funds raised will be donated to the 

No, You Are Not Crazy, You're Just a Highly Sensitive Person

If you experience the world the way I do, then you are easily overstimulated.  Hunger makes you Hangry, sirens make you cringe and other people’s problems, become your problems.  You can read a room, its mood and feel “fight or flight” right away based on your reading.  Sometimes you need to turn off completely.  Literally shut yourself away under the covers to regroup, turn down the noise and start again.  Sometimes the pain of others, literally causes you pain, headaches or tears.  When someone asks you to go out after a day or work, you rarely say yes, because you need to go home and decompress and disappear before you can think about another thing.  A lot of missed opportunities, a lot of anxiousness, a lot of sadness. 
You may be a part of a small part of the population that experiences the world in a very unique way.  You may be a HIGHLY SENSITIVE PERSON or HSP and that’s okay.  While sometimes this uniqueness causes you to feel like y…

Staring at Stars Lola Hat

My New Obsession  My #urbanoutfitters Stars at Stars Lola Felt Floppy Hat - $49

Things That Will Make My 2015 AMAZING!

Stuff is just stuff.  If I didn't have any, I would still be happy.  
BUT some stuff can be super cool awesome and amazing and make life fun.  Some are things, some are lifestyle choices and some are just cuz.

So taking me into 2015 smoothly, satisfyingly and stylish are these amazing STUFFS that I am so happy about.  Share in the joy with me!

My Roommate's VerturoLine Nespresso Machine

If you love amazing frothy espresso and coffee, 
this is your new best friend! My favorite coffee flavor is: Melozio
My Favorite Espresso Flavor is: Voltesso I don't even need to add milk or sugar, 
its amazing just the way it is! MMMMM

My DV by Dolce Vita Colletta Booties 50 SHADES OF GREY Yum
EATING CLEAN Trying new recipes with clean ingredients like this Tomato, Mozzarella, and Basil Quinoa Salad
I plan to work on my fitness and my wellness. I don't want to feel like it's a punishment. Wellness can only be achieved when you take pride in treating your inside and outside with respect and love.  …