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Always on Alert: Women and the War on Cat Calling and Harassment

Why do men cat-call out to women?  Do they think there is a reward in it for them?  That we may blush and feel complimented?  Do they think we walk around and wear clothes just for them?  Do they think we care?  What's in it for them?  I have no idea.  I never feel good after being cat called.  NEVER.  I don't feel complimented.  I feel objectified.  I feel like when I'm just being myself walking down the street that suddenly I'm a sexual object to be taken over.  Like my existence is to be gawked at and won.  None of these things make me feel good.

I went to a dive bar to watch football.  I wore a Jersey and shorts and a pair of Toms.  I thought I looked nice but definitely didn't feel like it was at all suggestive.  I know there's beer and booze and drunk men and that certain interactions happen at a bar.  But this was not a typical day.
A few dudes walked by me as I entered the bar:

"Yeah, GO CHARGERS!"  (ok fine, im wearing a jersey, woo)