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Metaball: A "Gym in a Ball" Fitness System

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WIN A FREE METABALL!* Metaball Fitness System The Metaball is finally available for Pre-Order!  Greg Plitt, renowned Fitness guru, spent 4+ years perfecting this "gym-in-a-ball" that can work for anyone with any body type.  It's portable for travel, office or home and can bring you to the best shape of your life.  I have tried this ball.  It's pretty awesome.  It's light enough weight to handle but heavy enough to feel like you are working.  You start with a small weight and can work your way up to heavier weight.  The ball disconnects into two handheld weights to be used for bicep curls, fly's and anything you can do with household weights.  Clicked together, you can use it as a kettle bell and do swings.  Held like a ball, you can work your abs and actually have fun. It's hard plastic that wont break, believe me, even if I threw it across the room.  It's everything you need in one compact spot.  My kind of deal. 
Yes, Greg, is cut and has …

The 90s Child Mourns Its Jester

Born in ’86 I was that child in lycra shorts and neon with matching Saltwater sandals.  I donned a “Nicki and Alex” style haircut and fashionably walked in kid hair shows.  My first movie was "The Little Mermaid" for which I became utterly obsessed with singing and long flowing hair and of course Mermaids.   Shortly after this whirlwind of a perfect childhood, my world changed, starting with reading “Dinosaur Divorce” in a stale office, a few miles from home.  I kissed my garage door goodbye, literally, and my mom, my sister and I drove away to an apartment complex, where daddy wouldn't live. 
As the first kid to have divorced parents in a close knit private Catholic school in the early 90s, I lost friends and stopped getting invited over for sleepovers.   I lived in the dream world of movies and I remember the day my Father took me to see Aladdin.   That Halloween I begged to be Jasmine even though my dad only wanted me to be a skeleton or witch or something bloody.  …