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How to get rid of fleas from your home and cats

Now let me tell you right now, that getting fleas in your home and on your cats is very normal.  However it doesn't make it less gross or awful and friends who have never had pets will judge you and tell you it's all your fault and blah blah and those animal haters can go to hell.  Anywho, just know that hot weather brings out the worst in bugs as you all know and not all of us can afford to live in air conditioned condominiums.  No, some of us live in mid century complexes with holes in the original window screens, no A/C and a stray cat in the yard that won't go away because the lonely lady nearby won't stop feeding it.

So after all the googling and crying and vacuuming, I decided to share my process.  My two kitties are now treated and flea free and cuddly as ever.  even thought they hated the flea bath I can tell they know that I love them and cared for them even when they don't like water or being combed or dealing with all that mess.

I'm going to list th…