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And then there was Nolan...

I have a new role in life.  I never knew what this would feel like.  I did help raise my brother, I was 10 after all when he was born.  I've given baths, changed diapers and babysat already for years.  It has been a little while however for a baby to be in my life, one that I will see often and be close to.  College years and after that haven't presented me with that many interactions with babies and I was hesitant that I would handle it well.

I waited, paced for hours.  Waiting for my sister to give birth.  At the beginning, I was in the room, but I couldn't stop crying.  I wasn't even sad or trying but the tears would not stop, I cannot watch my sister in pain.  So after many tears and some hefty contractions, she got the epidural and felt a lot better.  I was just happy she wouldn't be in that kind of constant pain anymore.

I waited with my brother and mother, and then my dad and then my friends.  It was a long day, but not as long as some first time mothers. …