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The Price of Feeling Beautiful

2010 - 110lbs                                                                        2014 - 130lbs

From not healthy...

I can honestly say that I am happier now with my body than I have ever been. I used to have a flat stomach and my ribs would show. I thought I was beautiful. Even though people were always complimenting me on my small size, I was never quite content. I didn't feel like a healthy woman that loved herself. I was always hungry, anxious and set on maintaining this "perfect" ideal. When you constantly receive compliments on your small frame you start to develop a sort of disorder all of your own. One that is, to constantly maintain perfection, to constantly be what people admire. I felt that if was ever bloated or gained a pound, that everyone would notice. I was afraid people would say to me, What happened? You used to be so skinny? But when I got the help I needed in regards to my anxiety and depression, I did gain the weight I neede…