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Hydrangea Cove - Vintage Boutique, Coastal Decor, Garden and Gift Shop

Have you heard about Hydrangea Cove?

This shop is perfect for gifts and home decor.  Inside the store, is like an oasis of coastal and vintage.  
I literally want every single item in the store.  It's a family owned shop, run by Susan Christopher.  Her passion has always been to bring Nantucket styles and the Hamptons charm into her West Coast beach home.  She's an expert in french style vintage cottage decor, gardening and bringing sophisticated and soft hues into the each room for the perfect beach house.  Susan travels all over to curate the best and most sophisticated collections of items that make her store unique and great for home design and gifts.

Vintage signs and gardening decor and style

Her home and puppy were featured in July 2011's San Diego Home and Gardens Magazine

Jacaranda Living Embroidered Towels

I can't even begin to tell you about the hours I spend on the Hydrangea Cove Pinterest Boards and Tumblr Pages teeming with beachy sunsets, shabby chic cottages and elegant gardens.

And let me not forget that the shop dog is an adorable French Bulldog!
Hank the Frenchie, who is always at the shop, ready and waiting for pets and interaction with customers.  The shop also sells cute items for dogs like bowls, collars, and toys.  You can even custom design a collar and leash from the UK Preston collars company at the shop for a quality collar.

Hank the Frenchie\

Help out small businesses and stop by this quaint little store.  Perfect gifts and greeting cards for mom and baby.  Rugs, pillows, lamps and ceramic dishes as well as wooden custom made signs.  So many great items here you cannot find in other stores.  Susan will gladly help you design or order items you don't see!

929 Turquoise St
San Diego, CA 92109

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