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Aging is Awesomer than you think

I think people have it all wrong.  Youth is admired yes, a youthful appearance is nice, I guess.  But man do I enjoy getting older.  I love being wiser and understanding things more deeply.  I love being able to walk away from negative people and situations.  I love not wanting to fit in as badly, because it's not the end of the world, but at 16, it really was.

I dislike it when people say they wish they could back to high school.  Of course the people who say that were probably on a sports team or really popular....because NO ONE wants to go back to high school.  Yes breasts were perkier, libidos stronger and cliques more powerful but I am so happy to be beyond all of that.

When I was in high school, all I wanted was to belong, look mature and to be able to be free.  I was not independent like some kids are.  I was sheltered and afraid of pretty much everything.  I was singing Mandy Moore songs in the mirror and trying to look older with terrible makeup. I wanted to be admired by boys and I wanted to be invited to things, to belong, to be cool.

That's pretty typical.  Being a teenager has its ups and downs but I would never want to be younger again!  I remember asking my mother, "Mom? Will I always look like this?  Will I really look like a woman one day?"   She assured me that I would indeed mature and that being youthful for now was a good thing.  No one wants to grow up too fast.  I really felt like a little kid for a long time.  I didn't drive until I was a sophomore in college. I didn't have a boyfriend until I was 21.  I'm what you call, a late bloomer, in every way.

While I took longer than others to mature, I can say now at 27.5 years old, I LOVE my age, my body and my mind.  It's taken me this long to love myself.  I finally do not feel like a little boy.  I have grown into myself and each day my mind understands and evolves.  I for one, have done the work however, on self-love.

Self-love should be your greatest love story.  It should be more important than how many people admire you, how many boyfriends you have or how many Facebook likes validate your identity.  Your brain is not fully mature until after 25.  Let me say that again, YOUR BRAIN IS NOT FULLY MATURE UNTIL AFTER 25!  So yeah, all those choices you've made, they were choices but also know you may reap consequences for them.  I have always known I wouldn't marry young, and in that I want to love myself and know myself before I commit my life to another being.  Life, with all of its turbulence, it can make a person do and feel crazy things.  We are in fact human to not always pick and do the right thing, but the point is now to love yourself.

Beauty is in aging.  What you may think is your greatest flaw, is probably your most unique factor.  Imagine what and who you could be and become if you embraced your uniqueness, instead of tearing yourself down.  Why must we all emulate the photo-shopped unrealistic images we see, when that is not beauty, but it is what we are told is to be desired.  Imagine if we didn't want to be Barbie; imagine we honored our health and our brains more than frailty and exterior beauty.

I look in the mirror now and I see the woman I always wanted to be.  I see freckles in some places, dimples in others.  I see muscles I could tone more and a stomach I could tighten, but I know that this person is me, and it's all I'm ever going to be, ME.  How I take care of my body is on me.  I choose to cherish it, nurture it and respect it as I age, evolve, grow.

I encourage my readers to look in the mirror each day and say 3 things that are positive about yourself! DO it! Try it! Imagine what that is like, to praise yourself for your unique qualities.  They aren't flaws, they are you.  Loving yourself is probably going to be a great journey.  It's not how other people view you that is important.  And if that is most important to you then something isn't working.  Don't give everyone else the power to tell you who you are.  YOU are in charge.  You are beautiful. You are you.

So test yourselves, for a few days, a week, hell, even for Lent.  3 things daily, that you love about yourself.

I'll start....

I love my breasts

I love my expressive personality

I love my willingness to change...


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