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Cat Lover's Tee - Designed by Alexinhwood - Pre-Order Campaign

I have partnered with Represent and the Stray Cat Alliance  to raise some funds to donate to help create a No Kill Nation!

I have been wanting to volunteer and donate to help out kitties for a very long time but wasn't sure how to go about it.  In this way, I turn to my community to get together and make a bigger contribution by working together!
I love my kitties at home as they were also Los Angeles rescues.  I thought that if all the cat lovers out there got together and pre-ordered this cute Tee, we could all do something special and use 25% of the funds to donate to the Stray Cat Alliance.
Represent, where my campaign lives has excellent service, creates quality apparel and is working with me to create the best campaign yet!  
Whether you are a cat lover or not, I bet you know someone that would love this cozy tee, but will also appreciate that we are giving back and helping to provide food, shelter and much more to the stray cats of this nation, not just Los Angeles.  

My Dream Holiday Dresses: Urban Outfitters

If I had all the money in the world, I would want to wear all these dresses for the holidays!
These, make my Alexinhwood Approved List
Urban Outfitters
Urban Outfitters $249 Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal Remade Square Paillette Dress
$179 Urban Outfitters Ecote Beaded Mini Dress

Always on Alert: Women and the War on Cat Calling and Harassment

Why do men cat-call out to women?  Do they think there is a reward in it for them?  That we may blush and feel complimented?  Do they think we walk around and wear clothes just for them?  Do they think we care?  What's in it for them?  I have no idea.  I never feel good after being cat called.  NEVER.  I don't feel complimented.  I feel objectified.  I feel like when I'm just being myself walking down the street that suddenly I'm a sexual object to be taken over.  Like my existence is to be gawked at and won.  None of these things make me feel good.

I went to a dive bar to watch football.  I wore a Jersey and shorts and a pair of Toms.  I thought I looked nice but definitely didn't feel like it was at all suggestive.  I know there's beer and booze and drunk men and that certain interactions happen at a bar.  But this was not a typical day.
A few dudes walked by me as I entered the bar:

"Yeah, GO CHARGERS!"  (ok fine, im wearing a jersey, woo)

THE MOST POPULAR GIRLS IN SCHOOL Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Produce Season 4

Everyone join in on the "Brittnay Matthews Revenge Campaign!"  If you are like me and love foul mouthed dolls portraying awful bitchy High School Girls, then you will love this show and their Indiegogo Campaign.  Right now there is a sweet referral contest that allows for one SUPER FAN to win a video from their favorite MPGIS character made just for them!

Perks include T-shirts, Downloads, Stickers, DVD's and much more to come!  You can even contribute to get your name said on the show!

Visit MPGIS INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGNto get the schpeal and help to make SEASON 4 happen for all of us, for the world, do a good deed.


Need to catch up and join the craze? Here's the YouTube Channel that started it all!  BYYYEEEEEE!!!!


"LIFE IN A WALK": Crowdfunding a Documentary Film About a Father and Son Journey

Campaign Video
I find that many people do not know what Crowdfunding is.  Kickstarter.  Indiegogo.  GoFundMe.  I find it hard NOT to know what it is, because everyone seems to be asking for help.  From medical bills to making movies, crowd sourcing funds for a business venture or artistic project is a $70 million a year industry that needs not to go ignored.  Still people say, "Oh you're in crowdfunding? What is that?"

Crowdfunding is a way to raise funds for a project, art piece, business or product by receiving contributions from people all over the world.  With social media and the internet, the world has become a much smaller place and one that loves connection.  What's better than helping to fund someone's dream?
I'd like to tell you a little bit about a campaign I am managing and it's something I really feel you will enjoy.
Client Yogi Roth is funding his documentary which follows him and his dad on a pilgrimage that took them across …

Hey, how about a smile?

Hey, how about a smile? I am a generally happy woman.  I am on my phone a lot, scrolling, swiping left, checking Instagram and checking in.  My mind is never silent.  My mind is now a newsfeed, because of all this content.  I am barely able to react to actual people.  I think I am not alone.  Despite my affection for social and widgets and apps, I do enjoy the actual social interaction between my barista and myself as well as other lonely strangers getting their morning coffee.  Everything is going just fine, even after I used my Starbucks apps to buy my Grande Iced Two Pump Vanilla Ice coffee with my daily fake name, Lexi.  (It’s easier than saying Alexandria or Alex which usually become Alice)  I digress.  I am in a wonderful mood, but I am groggy from the night before, just waking up.  I haven’t put too much thought into how others see me yet, as I have managed to dress myself, wear matching shoes, smell nice and have begun the process of putting on makeup.  I am just getting coffee…

Metaball: A "Gym in a Ball" Fitness System

Click here
WIN A FREE METABALL!* Metaball Fitness System The Metaball is finally available for Pre-Order!  Greg Plitt, renowned Fitness guru, spent 4+ years perfecting this "gym-in-a-ball" that can work for anyone with any body type.  It's portable for travel, office or home and can bring you to the best shape of your life.  I have tried this ball.  It's pretty awesome.  It's light enough weight to handle but heavy enough to feel like you are working.  You start with a small weight and can work your way up to heavier weight.  The ball disconnects into two handheld weights to be used for bicep curls, fly's and anything you can do with household weights.  Clicked together, you can use it as a kettle bell and do swings.  Held like a ball, you can work your abs and actually have fun. It's hard plastic that wont break, believe me, even if I threw it across the room.  It's everything you need in one compact spot.  My kind of deal. 
Yes, Greg, is cut and has …

The 90s Child Mourns Its Jester

Born in ’86 I was that child in lycra shorts and neon with matching Saltwater sandals.  I donned a “Nicki and Alex” style haircut and fashionably walked in kid hair shows.  My first movie was "The Little Mermaid" for which I became utterly obsessed with singing and long flowing hair and of course Mermaids.   Shortly after this whirlwind of a perfect childhood, my world changed, starting with reading “Dinosaur Divorce” in a stale office, a few miles from home.  I kissed my garage door goodbye, literally, and my mom, my sister and I drove away to an apartment complex, where daddy wouldn't live. 
As the first kid to have divorced parents in a close knit private Catholic school in the early 90s, I lost friends and stopped getting invited over for sleepovers.   I lived in the dream world of movies and I remember the day my Father took me to see Aladdin.   That Halloween I begged to be Jasmine even though my dad only wanted me to be a skeleton or witch or something bloody.  …

Hydrangea Cove - Vintage Boutique, Coastal Decor, Garden and Gift Shop

Have you heard about Hydrangea Cove?
This shop is perfect for gifts and home decor.  Inside the store, is like an oasis of coastal and vintage.   I literally want every single item in the store.  It's a family owned shop, run by Susan Christopher.  Her passion has always been to bring Nantucket styles and the Hamptons charm into her West Coast beach home.  She's an expert in french style vintage cottage decor, gardening and bringing sophisticated and soft hues into the each room for the perfect beach house.  Susan travels all over to curate the best and most sophisticated collections of items that make her store unique and great for home design and gifts.

Vintage signs and gardening decor and style

Her home and puppy were featured in July 2011's San Diego Home and Gardens Magazine

Jacaranda Living Embroidered Towels
I can't even begin to tell you about the hours I spend on the Hydrangea Cove Pinterest Boards and Tumblr Pages teeming with beachy sunsets, shabby chic cott…

Crowdfunding Films and Innovation: Rise by David Karlak

Kickstarter Campaign to finish the film RISE

What happens when Robots start to feel human feelings? Are they just machines or so much more?  Be a part of helping this film RISE finish post-production.  A compelling story and beautiful VFX and new technology has been created and used to bring CGI to an entirely new level.  Soon we will be able to experience other worlds and bring dreams to reality with Virtual Reality!  

As someone who has experienced this, I can say that it's worth the $35 or more to try VR out.  It will blow you away and soon it'll be everywhere.  Why not help launch it off the ground.
Donate to a truly innovative campaign! 
Only a $35 donation gets you a demo experience of a scene in the movie

Blog Links on RISE
Gorilla Film Magazine

How to get rid of fleas from your home and cats

Now let me tell you right now, that getting fleas in your home and on your cats is very normal.  However it doesn't make it less gross or awful and friends who have never had pets will judge you and tell you it's all your fault and blah blah and those animal haters can go to hell.  Anywho, just know that hot weather brings out the worst in bugs as you all know and not all of us can afford to live in air conditioned condominiums.  No, some of us live in mid century complexes with holes in the original window screens, no A/C and a stray cat in the yard that won't go away because the lonely lady nearby won't stop feeding it.

So after all the googling and crying and vacuuming, I decided to share my process.  My two kitties are now treated and flea free and cuddly as ever.  even thought they hated the flea bath I can tell they know that I love them and cared for them even when they don't like water or being combed or dealing with all that mess.

I'm going to list th…

Trich: Again and Again (Updated)

Shame. Not everyone knows the feeling of constant shame. Then again, I cannot speak for the masses.  There is a shame that one feels when it comes to their own body. I feel shame all of the time because I injure myself constantly. My hair pulling is obsessive and compulsive, so no, lazy advice giver, I cannot just stop when I wish to. I feel shame because I have a lot less hair. I am talking a lot. I am talking like I have to wear it in certain ways to avoid looking odd. I am talking, wash hair everyday so I don't pull more when it's more oily and textured. I am saying that my part is wider in three different parts. My boyfriend complains of feeling spiky hairs growing back when I rest my head on him.  I have to use endless amount of hairspray, clear mascara and sprays to keep my hair from standing straight up as it grows in patches. My hair doesn't sit comfortably in a pony tail because it is all sorts of odd right now. Odd as in thin, so its just doesn't have the bu…

And then there was Nolan...

I have a new role in life.  I never knew what this would feel like.  I did help raise my brother, I was 10 after all when he was born.  I've given baths, changed diapers and babysat already for years.  It has been a little while however for a baby to be in my life, one that I will see often and be close to.  College years and after that haven't presented me with that many interactions with babies and I was hesitant that I would handle it well.

I waited, paced for hours.  Waiting for my sister to give birth.  At the beginning, I was in the room, but I couldn't stop crying.  I wasn't even sad or trying but the tears would not stop, I cannot watch my sister in pain.  So after many tears and some hefty contractions, she got the epidural and felt a lot better.  I was just happy she wouldn't be in that kind of constant pain anymore.

I waited with my brother and mother, and then my dad and then my friends.  It was a long day, but not as long as some first time mothers. …

The Price of Feeling Beautiful

2010 - 110lbs                                                                        2014 - 130lbs

From not healthy...

I can honestly say that I am happier now with my body than I have ever been. I used to have a flat stomach and my ribs would show. I thought I was beautiful. Even though people were always complimenting me on my small size, I was never quite content. I didn't feel like a healthy woman that loved herself. I was always hungry, anxious and set on maintaining this "perfect" ideal. When you constantly receive compliments on your small frame you start to develop a sort of disorder all of your own. One that is, to constantly maintain perfection, to constantly be what people admire. I felt that if was ever bloated or gained a pound, that everyone would notice. I was afraid people would say to me, What happened? You used to be so skinny? But when I got the help I needed in regards to my anxiety and depression, I did gain the weight I neede…

Trich (Hair Pulling) - My struggle goes on

Right now I feel tingling. On my scalp. I do not feel stressed but my hands want to pull.  They want to sort out the bad hairs and feel victorious once I free them from their prison, my head.  I feel instant joy and then instant disappointment that I've done this again, and again throughout the day. I needed that hair that took two years to grow and now its gone.  But I want to keep going, because its soothing.  To pick out perfections, to make myself more perfect.  I don't cognitively access this, I just behaviorally, unconsciously do.  All day long I go through this cycle.  Feeling, pulling..happy, sad, disappointment.  I feel more perfect, yet more ugly, because I've done what you shouldn't... I hate it, I hate myself for doing it but I keep going.

Right now I'm typing, but my head is tingling and I'd rather stop typing and start twirling my hair...and if I find a bad one, a course hair I will pull it out and feel successful.  It's sad.  I hate it.

But …

Aging is Awesomer than you think

I think people have it all wrong.  Youth is admired yes, a youthful appearance is nice, I guess.  But man do I enjoy getting older.  I love being wiser and understanding things more deeply.  I love being able to walk away from negative people and situations.  I love not wanting to fit in as badly, because it's not the end of the world, but at 16, it really was.

I dislike it when people say they wish they could back to high school.  Of course the people who say that were probably on a sports team or really popular....because NO ONE wants to go back to high school.  Yes breasts were perkier, libidos stronger and cliques more powerful but I am so happy to be beyond all of that.

When I was in high school, all I wanted was to belong, look mature and to be able to be free.  I was not independent like some kids are.  I was sheltered and afraid of pretty much everything.  I was singing Mandy Moore songs in the mirror and trying to look older with terrible makeup. I wanted to be admired…

POSHMARK: Buying and Selling Your Closet

Hey Alexinhwood Fans!
I am selling things from my personal closet!  Poshmark is an amazing platform for one to do so.  I have already sold and bought a few items and I could not be happier.  I am excited to Posh more and more!
Check out my items and get the APP! It's great and easy to use and there are awesome products on the site.  From Coach to Michael Kors to anything you can think of!  Add me and I'll add you back!!
Happy Selling and Happy Buying!!
Best, @alexinhwood

Stream of Consciousness

I read an article recently having to do with being in love with love.  Or chasing that feeling of drama and excitement and dating people you know are wrong for you.  Then you get all upset that they don't treat you right and you can do better; but you torture yourself because it's love, right? RIGHT? Doubtful.  There are so many different forms of love.  How do you know for sure its the good kind, the right kind, is there a right kind of love?  I know there's healthy and unhealthy love, but what is the best kind and can it last?

I used to be afraid to find my person.  I wanted it so badly, but in my mind also I was terrified because, when the search is over, are you bored? Relieved? Stuck? Happy?

A lot of my life has been encloaked in fear.  As a kid and also as an adult, I had to learn face it straight on, versus cowering and running away and feeling that feeling where you really wish you could avoid the trouble and disappear completely.  This somehow taught me to be depr…

Expectation Vs Reality : Valentine's Day

What is it about Holidays, Birthdays, Days...

Expectations build and suddenly you are freaking out, caring too much, or not caring at all.  What are the meanings of these feelings?

Valentine's Day comes around and you HAVE to be romantical or come up with the perfect thing to sum up all the things you feel.  Even if you are in a relationship, you cant help but feel that you are supposed to do something...why, why much pressure for guys and girls dumb, SO DUMB.

I for one put a lot of pressure on myself to create moments, magical ones and I get bent out of shape when it doesn't go according to plan...

This year I was already having an off day on valentine's day and I didn't want to admit it.  I am human after all but because it was Valentine's day I was supposed to be happy. in love and romantic.  But I just wasn't feeling it.  I was feeling weird and just could not shake this off feeling.  I had been harboring some emotions that I nee…