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Showing posts from November 10, 2013

No Soda. No Worries. A New Health Guide and Workout Plan

I have never been one to love the gym, or working out. With my dance and soccer background, I'm used to drills and pliĆ©s and with that an easily toned physique.  Well I have not played team sports in many many years nor have I taken a dance class. I work full time, 9 hours of sitting. Suddenly my 27 year old body was learning to betray me, so I knew I needed to work at it, work harder and get my tonage back.  I was scared because I hated the gym, I usually walk around confused and get distracted by other people, and feel judged.  But I had to put all those insecurities aside and learn to take care of my body and give it what it needed: A Shape Up.  

I went to the gym originally to lose a few pounds because once I stood on a scale, I weighed more than I ever have and I spooked me, I admit.  I felt more healthy but I was a little squishy and I wanted to look better naked.  Not just for anyone, for myself.  I wasn't anxious all the time anymore, I was eating better and I felt it w…

Today We Honor Our Soldiers...

I will never forget how I felt at the memorial at Ft. Rosecrans as uniformed men saluted and handed a folded flag to my grandmother.  The military salute brought tears to my eyes.  I still have a shrapnel from those shots that day. The feelings I felt are really indescribable, that these soldiers who had not ever met Arthur Way, still revered him as a brother, as a soldier and as someone who sacrificed to serve in Korea.  His stories included eating spam out of cans and also seeing his friends die, or being Napalmed.  It's crazy to think he saw those things because war seems so far away from me.

On this day, I think of folded flags and of wavy ones, of soldiers alive and put to rest.  For the ones who died for our country, the ones who endure pain, PTSD and the ones who earn decorations of medals and honors, the ones who will never return home, the ones on their way and the ones still stationed abroad.

Today I think of Arthur Way, Scott Embleton, Austin Embleton and Myles Embleto…