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15 Important Lessons from the Last Five Years: After College Edition

1. Sleep is a lot more valuable than you ever thought it was in college.

2. Credit cards are loans, and you are not supposed to max them out because you want all the cool stuff, because credit scores are kind of important if you want a good apartment.

3. When a boy tells you, its casual he means it, no magical perfect you can honestly change his mind.

4. Not caring what people think about you every second frees up a whole lot of wasted time and energy to be used on fun things like happiness and enjoying your life.

5. Loving yourself means the ability to fully love others and welcome that into your life.

6. Negativity and negative people are a waste of time sooo....GTFO and stay away.

7. Therapy, because therapy.

8. Our parents aren't usually whom and what you thought they were, you get the edited version as kids and as an adult they might not be so flawless, accept them and love them anyway, once your disappointment wears off.

9. It's OK to say no to things, and give yourself alone ti…

Help! I'm pulling out my hair...

Beauty has always been important to me.  As a performer on stage at a young age I loved makeup and dress up and would do anything do feel glamorous like the women in fashion magazines.  While I continually learn to love myself and my body, I must also learn to love my imperfections.  One of them I have developed has me confused and ashamed.

I am pulling out my hair.  I know you'd think, well just stop it then. Just Stop.  But I feel as thought no matter what I do the comfort of it, keeps me sane.  Because I take antidepressants for anxiety and depression, my hair texture changed.  It took a year, but it changed.  I always have been the girl obsessed with her hair, braiding, unbraiding, twirling, combing or twisting.  I love the smooth feeling and its always comforted me.  When I was 5 I tried to wear my hair half up/ half down but one part wouldn't fit in the up part and so I just ripped that whole section out.  That section on my head has never grown back the same.  but up un…