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Flip-Flops are for the Beach, Gym Shoes are for the GYM

Hello friends,

So as summer is nearing its final chapters I have a few things to discuss with you.  This post is about men.  men and footwear.  Now, I find myself to be a person who cares about particulars, style and how things appear, because reasons, because FABULOUS, because Hollywood.

So in that regard, here are some rules I have compiled for men.  Now as a lady who has always been, "more Hollywood" than her San Diego friends and fam and a "fashionista - personal shopper" for my Los Angeles friends, I can only hope you will heed my wisdom.

Flip Flops
ARE YOU AT THE BEACH? OK sweet so glad you brought your flip flops, bro.  OH YOU'RE AT A BAR? OH YOU ARE GOING TO BRUNCH? OH YOU ARE GOING TO WORK, DINNER, ON A DATE, TO MEET MY PARENTS, EXISTING?...... Then you better be not wearing flip flops.  Man feet, hairy tufts on man feet, yeah, I know.  I don't want to see that and neither does anyone else.  Flip flops should never be worn with a pair of jeans...this i…