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Showing posts from May 12, 2013

My Wishes

I wish I had seen a man, really in love with my mom.  I wish I'd seen a man hold her hand and long for her or speak about her poetically.  I wish someone had really understood her and just let her be.  Though I think many people have and do love her, I wish I could seen that more clearly.  I think the transparencies of our flaws limits whether people like or learn to love us.  She keeps getting the short end of the stick.  Why does she have to be the bigger person?

I wish I'd seen her feel relaxed and appreciated.  I wish I'd seen her without pain or fatigue or extreme exhaustion.  I wish her pain didn't limit her everyday.   I wish that she had a home, all to maybe I'd have a home to go home to too.

I wish I'd seen her dance more often because she was really good at tap dancing.  I wish I didn't get so angry at her for her very human mistakes.  I wish I wasn't so hard on her when I see myself in her so clearly that I hate it.

I wish she …