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Showing posts from April 21, 2013

The Night I Finally Called My Mom

So much has gone on the last few years:  hurt, sadness, discovery, healing and forgiving.  It's true that once you see your parents are people, human beings, who are flawed and can no longer solve your problems, it's quite a rude awakening.  It's scary to think there's no one really to fall back on.  Because even the real adults, said parents, cant help anymore and they can't seem to help themselves.

My mom decided to start over...again.  Leaving my step-dad was the most unpopular thing to do.  But it was something that would prove to be a huge challenge but was also necessary for her health and well being.  Sometimes love isn't enough. Marriage requires a partnership if equal parts and it's all too common for someone to want to dictate to the other and it results in separation and a distance that's hard to mend.

So not even for all the personal stuff that went into the divorce, the whole family seemed broken.  I felt lost, scared and like everyone I c…