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Showing posts from February 10, 2013

Be the Leading Lady (or Man) in YOUR life

I have had a revelation.  I have not been acting like LEADING LADY in my own life.  It's as if I've been waiting for something to propel me into action.  Making change without a push is tough.  But it is true that you create your success, things just don't happen.  And for the people out there that get a lucky break, good for them...but there's no use in pouting about it, no use in wishing for a freebie.

I always have been half hard worker, half slacker...I think I get in my own way.  But knowing that about myself I need to assess what I am capable off and expand and grow upon that.  I need to not concentrate and dwell on my inadequacies but rather, develop my talents and revel in my little successes everyday.

Little (big) Success today: I went to the gym before work, I ate proper meals and I didn't bite anyone's head off!!  Woohoo what a success and even for a Monday! This was me, making solid choices that make me feel productive, healthy and happy.  I not ba…