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Today We Honor Our Soldiers...

I will never forget how I felt at the memorial at Ft. Rosecrans as uniformed men saluted and handed a folded flag to my grandmother.  The military salute brought tears to my eyes.  I still have a shrapnel from those shots that day. The feelings I felt are really indescribable, that these soldiers who had not ever met Arthur Way, still revered him as a brother, as a soldier and as someone who sacrificed to serve in Korea.  His stories included eating spam out of cans and also seeing his friends die, or being Napalmed.  It's crazy to think he saw those things because war seems so far away from me.

On this day, I think of folded flags and of wavy ones, of soldiers alive and put to rest.  For the ones who died for our country, the ones who endure pain, PTSD and the ones who earn decorations of medals and honors, the ones who will never return home, the ones on their way and the ones still stationed abroad.

Today I think of Arthur Way, Scott Embleton, Austin Embleton and Myles Embleton...the men in my family who have dedicated time and part of their lives to serving The United States of America in the Marines and Navy.

To Grandpa Art,
I miss you and think of you every time I see a bi-plane. Memories of your Donald Duck voice still makes me laugh.  Thank you for your service to the USA and for being an awesome Grandpa, I still have that last $1 you gave me.

(Courtesy: Facebook: Corey Way)

To Austin,
Finally you came back into my life, you are a cousin, big brother, and soldier I can count on. I am so lucky to have you in my life and I am so thankful for your service in Iraq.  I cannot imagine what you have gone through but America is in your debt. I love you.

(courtesy: Instagram: Madison Reid)

To Myles,
We grew up together and I have watched you grow up into an amazing Father, Husband and Soldier.  I love you and am so blessed to have you in my life! Thank you for your service!

(courtesy: Ashley Embleton)

I am honored to be your Granddaughter, your Cousin, and to have such strong souls in my family.

I love you all and I thank you for your service to this country!

Semper Fi!

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