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No Soda. No Worries. A New Health Guide and Workout Plan

I have never been one to love the gym, or working out. With my dance and soccer background, I'm used to drills and pliés and with that an easily toned physique.  Well I have not played team sports in many many years nor have I taken a dance class. I work full time, 9 hours of sitting. Suddenly my 27 year old body was learning to betray me, so I knew I needed to work at it, work harder and get my tonage back.  I was scared because I hated the gym, I usually walk around confused and get distracted by other people, and feel judged.  But I had to put all those insecurities aside and learn to take care of my body and give it what it needed: A Shape Up.  

I went to the gym originally to lose a few pounds because once I stood on a scale, I weighed more than I ever have and I spooked me, I admit.  I felt more healthy but I was a little squishy and I wanted to look better naked.  Not just for anyone, for myself.  I wasn't anxious all the time anymore, I was eating better and I felt it was time to get in shape.

I started with trying to burn as many calories as I could.  You know manage calories in, calories out.  While I felt okay doing cardio, I was still smooshy and I wasn't quite getting results.  Fast forward to a year later, I am finally seeing results because I finally changed my regimen.  Number on the scale doesn't matter.  Your health does, and so does feeling amazing.  Honestly, I officially DGAF about how much I weigh or what size I wear, as long as I'm doing the work, as long as I'm eating well and feeling alive.  This is so much better than being a size 0.  Always worrying about being bloated, feeling fat, if anyone thinks I'm gross, looking perfect.  The point is that the clothes fit, you look good, and you can eat yummy food.  

The regimen became this workout my co worker helped me out with.  She wrote me a list of area specific workouts and enlisted me to 30 min+ cardio each session.  Monday...legs...Tuesday... Back/chest.... Wednesday... Biceps/Arms....and so on.  You can tailor it to your needs and I did adjust a few things.  I was doing things in the gym I would have never tried.  Like The Hammer Squat Smith machine, bicep curls, and   It looks very intimidating, but it does wonders.  I have gotten into a groove and after a short month of cellulite is GONE.  NO JOKE.  I am so happy with what my efforts have accomplished.  I felt silly at first being around the muscle dudes in the weight section but I got over it.  Now I can use a barbell and do squats no problem.  My arms are stronger and now I can lift things more easily and my push-ups are coming along.  My butt is lifted, my chest is perky and I feel amazing.  Some days I'm sore but that's all part of the body changing and you do learn to crave it. I still do Barre 3 to balance it out and to have some lean dance stuff going on, but I have been really enjoying my gym seshs lately and I make sure I have rest days, only cardio days and that I stretch often.  

If anyone needs a tip I can help you out...

 CARDIO DOES NOTHING IF YOU ARE'NT ALSO DOING WEIGHTS.  Challenge yourself!  I promise results can and will happen!  I also have cut out eating any excess Bread, Sugar and Soda...

Soda, high fructose corn syrup, sugar...those things bloat you and slow down your body's processes.  One should severely limit their sugar in take and I promise you that tummy will shrink!  Also drink plenty of water and avoid the snack aisle...and you are sure to see many changes.

Every time I see a soda or think about it I drink Water or Ice Tea instead.  Once you stop, the cravings stop and you'll feel amazing, not as tired and maybe even more hungry because you'll have more room.  Don't replace that sugar with carrots, drinks water...find a balance.  I cut out soda completely and I have a flat tummy and my digestions is better, I also have better and more regular moods. 

Any questions about my workout regimen, please tweet me @alexinhwood or email

Here's an infographic about sugar that will hopefully offer perspective...

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