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So you went to an All Girls Catholic High School....

Most of these things will seem familiar


Plaid, plaid and more plaid

Formal Dress Uniform

PSAT classes after school with boys from all boys school? say what? (Time to do makeup)

Having a crush on that one hot totally married younger teacher

Wishing that the uniform pants were not the worst most awful thing ever invented, must always wear Skirt.

Male guests cannot pass the carpet line in the main office.

Detention for having your shirt un-tucked, alas Saturday or Lunch Detention is lame.

Women in the Church and Campus Ministry were the best feminist, artsy, awesome classes ever.

Potluck for "Foods from a Spanish Speaking Country Day" in Spanish Class

Having teachers, administrators that you call, Sister......

Only wearing black shoes, finding fashionable ones.....ahhhhh

Not having to worry about what to wear, so easy!

Sleeping in homeroom or cramming for an exam.

Fridays, Get out at 12:15 wooooo

Trying to finagle getting your friend asked to Homecoming at your Brother School so you both can go together.

Freshman Dance Lessons...aka most awkward afternoons ever.

Elective Art Classes....wooo ceramics.

Bible as Literature Old Testament timeline....THE WHOLE TIMELINE...

SPEECH class, most nerve wracking class ever known to woman.

Not wearing makeup and getting judged; also; wearing makeup and getting judged.

Finding a date that is approved for Prom, scary if they don't go to brother school.

Student Run Theater.


Pajama pants under your skirt on cold days, usually leads to getting in trouble

Not knowing anything safe sex or prophylactics, since they press abstinence and natural family planning in health class.

What is a coed situation? I don't know? I just sit and am awkward...

Heading to college with no understanding of why guys act like children.

Dream and swoon over movies like The Notebook, Twilight and gaining a total misreprestation of relationships.  

Get into an amazing university because of school and good grades but have no idea how to exist in society.


and I think...

What do you mean I can hang out with people after class? Don't they live 45 minutes from the only all girls school in the county? Nope, they are two doors down in my dorm! SWEET.

What do you mean I can wear jeans to class, do I need a jeans pass, is there a fundraiser? NOPE, ITS LIFE, YOU CAN WEAR WHAT YOU WANT, WIN!

Also, a boy is sitting next to me in class....and they speak in class and have opinions...WHAT IS THIS SORCERY? A Differing point of view? Sexually charged classes? OK

If a boy offers to give you a massage, it's really not because you are tense from studying, it's because they want to see you naked....lesson learned.

Dates are not a meeting in the dining hall, that's just eating dinner, also you can eat there alone, you won't die.

A small college is very much like a high school, but since you didn't go to a coed one, you really have no idea what to do with WELCOME TO HIGH SCHOOL 17-18 YEAR OLD, glad your BEHIND EVERYONE ELSE IN ALL THINGS SOCIAL.

Good Luck.

This was my life....but im ok now.


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