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Flip-Flops are for the Beach, Gym Shoes are for the GYM

Hello friends,

So as summer is nearing its final chapters I have a few things to discuss with you.  This post is about men.  men and footwear.  Now, I find myself to be a person who cares about particulars, style and how things appear, because reasons, because FABULOUS, because Hollywood.

So in that regard, here are some rules I have compiled for men.  Now as a lady who has always been, "more Hollywood" than her San Diego friends and fam and a "fashionista - personal shopper" for my Los Angeles friends, I can only hope you will heed my wisdom.

Flip Flops
ARE YOU AT THE BEACH? OK sweet so glad you brought your flip flops, bro.  OH YOU'RE AT A BAR? OH YOU ARE GOING TO BRUNCH? OH YOU ARE GOING TO WORK, DINNER, ON A DATE, TO MEET MY PARENTS, EXISTING?...... Then you better be not wearing flip flops.  Man feet, hairy tufts on man feet, yeah, I know.  I don't want to see that and neither does anyone else.  Flip flops should never be worn with a pair of jeans...this is not 2004, you do not need Rainbows or Sevens, wear real shoes like a real man.

Beachy time, pool time, walking on the boardwalk is the only time Flip Flops are actually acceptable on a grown male.  They go best with shorts, board shorts.  

There is nothing more disgusting that frayed jeans at the foot with gross flip flops in a nice restaurant and a bro being upset they couldn't get into the restaurant, club or bar.  Grow up and buy some dress shoes, loafers or designer sneaks.

Hi Hobbit, guess who is not getting laid...?

Gym Shoes
Are you going to the gym? AWESOME, you better have your workout shoes on! 

Are you doing anything else...?  Under no circumstances should white or gray gym sneakers be worn with jeans or dress pants.  There are so many choices out there, hell I'd be down with some Timberland boots over running shoes any day.  I get you're a dude and you don't care.  I get that, but you probably are also one of those lazy people that doesn't want to put in any effort.  In that case, if you wanna be THAT GUY, then you definitely don't belong in Los Angeles, as everyone here is fabulous.  

Dating in Los Angeles is difficult enough as it is, competition is high and how you hold yourself is super important.  Dressing well is key.  Don't need to be designer, but if you wear a nice pair of Nike sneakers that aren't for the gym, they are for style with your jeans, you'll be in much better shape.  If you're going on a date you got your dress shoes, you got your sneaks and you got your hi-tops, choose accordingly, but please for love of God be a MAN and not a BOY and LEAVE YOUR GYM SHOES IN YOUR GYM BAG.

 (who cares about your tiny racecar, ew shoes Seinfeld)

I'm sure there are a bunch of other rules that I cannot think of, but these are my two main ones involving men and whether of not they'll ever be dateable.  Women put in a lot of effort to look the way we do, not just for ourselves but for our partners.  The least you can do is wear shoes that a Grown man would wear. <3


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