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Reflections: 2013

This year was a learning year and one that is very unique.  This year I had to understand how to be happy and to let myself enjoy it.  This year I seized the moment, lived in the present and said goodbye to fear.  I shed my unworthiness, I loved myself, and in turn received much love.  I was a rock for another, I was strong during hardship and I let myself be imperfect.  I improved upon listening and communicating and in understanding the needs of others.  I feel less inclined to be the center of attention or to try too hard to be noticed.  I have worked on the act of being...just being, not performing.  Looking inside myself and really working to know what that means and what it feels exist without trying, judging, obsessing, fearing...
some people never learn this...but I aim to.  My partner, he helps me to understand myself and my flaws, but he never condescends or punishes.  He accepts me and lets me figure things out, mainly because he knows I love a challenge and I am…

Holiday Party Dresses - Past and Present

Apron: Walgreens Dress: LF (for sale) Dress: LF Vintage Dress: LF Dress: Anat B

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Happy Holidays to all my Followers!

Christmas Movies I Must Watch Every Year...Or Else it Doesn't Seem like Christmas...

I LOVE MOVIES, especially Christmas ones... With all the decorations and music and shopping, it's awesome to sit under a blankie with wine or hot coco and watch a film that makes you cozy.  I don't live near snow and I've never had a white Christmas but I surely love to watch movies that do.

1. Rudolph

2. It's a Wonderful Life
3. Home Alone
4. Just Friends
5.  Elf
Happy Holidays and Merry Movie Watching!
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Here's a little diddy sung by me!

I'm so glad I'm not a hipster...

I love fan-girling over things I enjoy, even if it is mainstream...i.e. Adam Levine, NSYNC and even ...GASP....a song on the top 40 radio charts...

I don't ironically wear cardigans and scarves, I wear them with an outfit because I am cold and take them off when I am not cold.

I could make my own hummus, but Trader Joe's has it ready to go so I'll just buy it there and save time so I have more time to watch TV...Yes I own a TV and I pay for cable...

I have a full time job...most of the hipsters I know in their late twenties are waitressing (actress/writer/musician) at an odd new wave restaurant that is vegan or living with their parents/lovers...they say they don't want to work FOR THE MAN and their next project is the NEXT BIG THING, yet they constantly make me pay for their beers because they can't afford it but they always seem to afford an iphone...

I wear prescription glasses to read, not just to look super cool, I like to think, I am the cool they aspire to b…

No Soda. No Worries. A New Health Guide and Workout Plan

I have never been one to love the gym, or working out. With my dance and soccer background, I'm used to drills and pliĆ©s and with that an easily toned physique.  Well I have not played team sports in many many years nor have I taken a dance class. I work full time, 9 hours of sitting. Suddenly my 27 year old body was learning to betray me, so I knew I needed to work at it, work harder and get my tonage back.  I was scared because I hated the gym, I usually walk around confused and get distracted by other people, and feel judged.  But I had to put all those insecurities aside and learn to take care of my body and give it what it needed: A Shape Up.  

I went to the gym originally to lose a few pounds because once I stood on a scale, I weighed more than I ever have and I spooked me, I admit.  I felt more healthy but I was a little squishy and I wanted to look better naked.  Not just for anyone, for myself.  I wasn't anxious all the time anymore, I was eating better and I felt it w…

Today We Honor Our Soldiers...

I will never forget how I felt at the memorial at Ft. Rosecrans as uniformed men saluted and handed a folded flag to my grandmother.  The military salute brought tears to my eyes.  I still have a shrapnel from those shots that day. The feelings I felt are really indescribable, that these soldiers who had not ever met Arthur Way, still revered him as a brother, as a soldier and as someone who sacrificed to serve in Korea.  His stories included eating spam out of cans and also seeing his friends die, or being Napalmed.  It's crazy to think he saw those things because war seems so far away from me.

On this day, I think of folded flags and of wavy ones, of soldiers alive and put to rest.  For the ones who died for our country, the ones who endure pain, PTSD and the ones who earn decorations of medals and honors, the ones who will never return home, the ones on their way and the ones still stationed abroad.

Today I think of Arthur Way, Scott Embleton, Austin Embleton and Myles Embleto…

All about Brows!

So lately I have been obsessed with making my eyebrows look perfect.   My makeup style varies from natural to Marilyn Monroe to anything involving making my eyes pop! I also have a habit of over-tweezing the brows and after a few photoshoots, realized that enhancing the brows really changes your whole look.  It gives a finished look and I love it!
Anastasia Beverly Hills is by far one of the best companies for Brow Kits and materials. You can use powder, pencil or tint.  
My Brow regiment is such: Anastasia Brow Fix primer wax pencil, $21 It Cosmetics Brow Power, $24 Anastasia Brow Powder Duo in Ebony, $23
This has become my daily routine and it's amazing! I get good results all day long and have gotten many compliments lately! 

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Marilyn Monroe Style with Basics Palette by Urban Decay
A little darker with Revlon palette
Favorite Eye…


Do you look in your closet and think...MEH, you are BORING CLOSET!!!

Do you have trouble finding pieces you need in the store to add to your wardrobe?

Do you have 12 cotton white T shirts and 2 pairs of jeans and THAT'S IT?

Do you feel like you're missing that OOMPH that you'd like to have when out with your friends?

It just takes confidence and little help from ALEXINHWOOD!
I am offering a consultation  and wardrobe cleansing for $50!*  (it's a steal!)
This means we chat and I get to know you  what makes you comfortable but what also makes you special.
Then we go through your closet, organize, purge and make a list for items you need and Create outfits from your current closet!
My friends love my help so I am extending it to the public!!

From there we work out a time for a Personal Shopping trip with me as your guide.**
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Currently servi…

Why I felt out of Love with FAME

When I grow up I am going to be famous...  - me, 5yrs, 10yrs, 20yrs

Hey, Alex...don't forget me when your are famous one day...   -everyone in my High School yearbooks

My daughter is going to be famous... -my parents

I grew up always knowing I wanted to entertain.  Not only that, I thrived in the spotlight, gleamed for applause and even made a fool of myself, drawing at times, negative attention.  However, nothing in the present mattered, because one day I would be famous.  For some reason I thought that was going to be the answer to having money, a career and would be the best thing in the whole wide world.  I didn't want to be like everyone else, because I so clearly did not fit in with people my age and I was destined for greatness.  I am lucky I had very supportive parents and family during my formative years to encourage me to do talent shows, write songs and join a Theater Company and I never once thought I would ever do anything else other than sing.  But I had an awesome…

So you went to an All Girls Catholic High School....

Most of these things will seem familiar


Plaid, plaid and more plaid

Formal Dress Uniform

PSAT classes after school with boys from all boys school? say what? (Time to do makeup)

Having a crush on that one hot totally married younger teacher

Wishing that the uniform pants were not the worst most awful thing ever invented, must always wear Skirt.

Male guests cannot pass the carpet line in the main office.

Detention for having your shirt un-tucked, alas Saturday or Lunch Detention is lame.

Women in the Church and Campus Ministry were the best feminist, artsy, awesome classes ever.

Potluck for "Foods from a Spanish Speaking Country Day" in Spanish Class

Having teachers, administrators that you call, Sister......

Only wearing black shoes, finding fashionable ones.....ahhhhh

Not having to worry about what to wear, so easy!

Sleeping in homeroom or cramming for an exam.

Fridays, Get out at 12:15 wooooo

Trying to finagle getting your friend asked to Homecoming at your Brother School so…

15 Important Lessons from the Last Five Years: After College Edition

1. Sleep is a lot more valuable than you ever thought it was in college.

2. Credit cards are loans, and you are not supposed to max them out because you want all the cool stuff, because credit scores are kind of important if you want a good apartment.

3. When a boy tells you, its casual he means it, no magical perfect you can honestly change his mind.

4. Not caring what people think about you every second frees up a whole lot of wasted time and energy to be used on fun things like happiness and enjoying your life.

5. Loving yourself means the ability to fully love others and welcome that into your life.

6. Negativity and negative people are a waste of time sooo....GTFO and stay away.

7. Therapy, because therapy.

8. Our parents aren't usually whom and what you thought they were, you get the edited version as kids and as an adult they might not be so flawless, accept them and love them anyway, once your disappointment wears off.

9. It's OK to say no to things, and give yourself alone ti…

Help! I'm pulling out my hair...

Beauty has always been important to me.  As a performer on stage at a young age I loved makeup and dress up and would do anything do feel glamorous like the women in fashion magazines.  While I continually learn to love myself and my body, I must also learn to love my imperfections.  One of them I have developed has me confused and ashamed.

I am pulling out my hair.  I know you'd think, well just stop it then. Just Stop.  But I feel as thought no matter what I do the comfort of it, keeps me sane.  Because I take antidepressants for anxiety and depression, my hair texture changed.  It took a year, but it changed.  I always have been the girl obsessed with her hair, braiding, unbraiding, twirling, combing or twisting.  I love the smooth feeling and its always comforted me.  When I was 5 I tried to wear my hair half up/ half down but one part wouldn't fit in the up part and so I just ripped that whole section out.  That section on my head has never grown back the same.  but up un…

Flip-Flops are for the Beach, Gym Shoes are for the GYM

Hello friends,

So as summer is nearing its final chapters I have a few things to discuss with you.  This post is about men.  men and footwear.  Now, I find myself to be a person who cares about particulars, style and how things appear, because reasons, because FABULOUS, because Hollywood.

So in that regard, here are some rules I have compiled for men.  Now as a lady who has always been, "more Hollywood" than her San Diego friends and fam and a "fashionista - personal shopper" for my Los Angeles friends, I can only hope you will heed my wisdom.

Flip Flops
ARE YOU AT THE BEACH? OK sweet so glad you brought your flip flops, bro.  OH YOU'RE AT A BAR? OH YOU ARE GOING TO BRUNCH? OH YOU ARE GOING TO WORK, DINNER, ON A DATE, TO MEET MY PARENTS, EXISTING?...... Then you better be not wearing flip flops.  Man feet, hairy tufts on man feet, yeah, I know.  I don't want to see that and neither does anyone else.  Flip flops should never be worn with a pair of jeans...this i…

Carrie Bradshaw - 90s Fashion Inspo

So I am watching the Sex and the City Anthology and loving every minute.  Following Carrie's loves and flings and her crazy friends run around New York, I can't even imagine living in the city because I've turned into such a homebody. While some of Carrie's outfits make NO SENSE, others show her quirky side, her classic side and then there's her totally 90s side.  These outfits are my fav that I could find pics of.

LOVE the big tulle skirts, HATE the hats

simply stunning

Tea Length skirts, cardis and thigh highs <3 p="">

Dresses and skirts are sooo me! Love it and take risks! 

My Wishes

I wish I had seen a man, really in love with my mom.  I wish I'd seen a man hold her hand and long for her or speak about her poetically.  I wish someone had really understood her and just let her be.  Though I think many people have and do love her, I wish I could seen that more clearly.  I think the transparencies of our flaws limits whether people like or learn to love us.  She keeps getting the short end of the stick.  Why does she have to be the bigger person?

I wish I'd seen her feel relaxed and appreciated.  I wish I'd seen her without pain or fatigue or extreme exhaustion.  I wish her pain didn't limit her everyday.   I wish that she had a home, all to maybe I'd have a home to go home to too.

I wish I'd seen her dance more often because she was really good at tap dancing.  I wish I didn't get so angry at her for her very human mistakes.  I wish I wasn't so hard on her when I see myself in her so clearly that I hate it.

I wish she …

The Night I Finally Called My Mom

So much has gone on the last few years:  hurt, sadness, discovery, healing and forgiving.  It's true that once you see your parents are people, human beings, who are flawed and can no longer solve your problems, it's quite a rude awakening.  It's scary to think there's no one really to fall back on.  Because even the real adults, said parents, cant help anymore and they can't seem to help themselves.

My mom decided to start over...again.  Leaving my step-dad was the most unpopular thing to do.  But it was something that would prove to be a huge challenge but was also necessary for her health and well being.  Sometimes love isn't enough. Marriage requires a partnership if equal parts and it's all too common for someone to want to dictate to the other and it results in separation and a distance that's hard to mend.

So not even for all the personal stuff that went into the divorce, the whole family seemed broken.  I felt lost, scared and like everyone I c…

Hello Spring

I haven't written in awhile and I am not sure why.  I just haven't felt the bug to write.  I am just overcoming the stomach flu which was awful.  The good news is that its a sobering and vulernable time to reflect.  I am so excited that it is spring.  I have had to endure many challenges like finding a new roommate, financial troubles, getting ready for a trip, wedding festivities for friends, and trying to find a job that better suits me. 

I think I am handling it better than I would have.  I would have shut down or felt helpless before, but now I know I can just take things day by day.  One thing at a time and it will all work out.  But I do have to do the work, no doubt.  I have to choose to be happy, I have to choose to be proactive and make things happen. 

In doing so I have had some great job interviews and I have been able to communicate better with friends and family.  I can only hope change will come soon and that I can better organize my finances.


Be the Leading Lady (or Man) in YOUR life

I have had a revelation.  I have not been acting like LEADING LADY in my own life.  It's as if I've been waiting for something to propel me into action.  Making change without a push is tough.  But it is true that you create your success, things just don't happen.  And for the people out there that get a lucky break, good for them...but there's no use in pouting about it, no use in wishing for a freebie.

I always have been half hard worker, half slacker...I think I get in my own way.  But knowing that about myself I need to assess what I am capable off and expand and grow upon that.  I need to not concentrate and dwell on my inadequacies but rather, develop my talents and revel in my little successes everyday.

Little (big) Success today: I went to the gym before work, I ate proper meals and I didn't bite anyone's head off!!  Woohoo what a success and even for a Monday! This was me, making solid choices that make me feel productive, healthy and happy.  I not ba…


I remember when I wanted to disappear because everything hurt all the time. Thoughts buried me. Feelings buried me. Even love buried me.

I think I needed to be saved a little bit as much as I enjoyed doing the saving.  But it is true that "you accept the love you think you deserve" (Perks of Being a Wallflower, Chbosky)

Not only was I lost in life, I truly lost myself; or maybe realizing that I wasn't who I thought I was and didn't want what I thought I wanted.

If my goals and dreams change...who am I?  Why am I here?  Should I have chosen another path?

Another reason to disappear.

Being dark is so much easier than being, well, not so dark.

To miss sadness is an odd emptiness, to feel happiness is even more odd.

How do adjust how you react; to learn; to grow; to perceive.

I relate to sadness because it's comfortable...the melancholy feeling, that's home.

I don't remember feeling that way because I'm better but it's odd all the same.

I no longer f…