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I Gained Fifteen Pounds and I'm a Happier Woman.

Gaining weight sounds like something you don't really write home about.  I doubt it's just America that feels that being thin or this gaunt version of perfection that magazines and lookbooks flaunt, is what is beautiful.  But even so we see the women on the page and want to be them. We want the clothes to fall off our bodies and flow and we want those hip bones and flat tummies.  This is all pretty odd though, because women want it, men don't desire it.

   I was always a very skinny girl. I could never finish my meal but I ate throughout the day,.I was always eating.  I was active as a kid with soccer and dance and that slowed late into college as I quit dancing everyday, I graduated and then got a desk job.  Though I was maintaining my thin figure, I was not in shape.  I was actually very unhappy.  but everyday, though anxiety ridden and scared of everything, at least I was skinny...I was still winning somehow.  That is so sad isn't it? To be very unhappy and sad b…