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I Was Bullied...And I Survived

I think we can all agree that bullying is a normal thing to endure in school.  While its normal to be taunted by youngsters for having red hair, or being short or being a teacher pet...there's a survival technique to your place on the playground.  But while its the governing of that playground by the popular kids that causes us loners and outcasts to cry ourselves to sleep every night  all we want is to belong, all we want is to feel a part of something and that our peers approve of us.  Some kids manipulate and damage greatly the wannabes without even thinking about the consequences because somehow they get praise from the other kids that just want to do what is cool.  It's so confusing and wrong but just how it is to grow up.  But now that cyber bullying has greatly affected the world, it has too become a new way to damage our youth, and subsequently our youngster's innocence.  Now I believe in free speech and free internet.  But anonymity, while it keeps safe the wors…