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20 Alexinhwood Pet Peeves

Starting an orange and getting rind under your nails...
Running into doorknobs and getting bruised hips...
Workout and getting your hand caught in your headphones wire and flinging your phone/looking like an idiot.
Dropping the top of an ice cream cone, believe me it's happened, and it's NOT FUN.
Parking Tickets
Sea gulls eating my sandwich at the beach when I'm not looking.
Sunday and Monday street cleaning, limiting my parking options...
End of the bottle of wine...
Losing your keys, when you SWEAR you JUST had them
Burning the biscuits at Thanksgiving...
Picking the WRONG underwear with your outfit, IT RUINS YOUR DAY.
Hanging Hi Fives
When drivers don't's just so simple.
Being tickled is really more like torture
People asking question on Facebook when they can GOOGLE IT.
Running out of batteries when you really need them to work
Can't say the last one, starts will nails and ends with....chalkboard...

I'm sure…

What 26 means to me....

For me turning 26 is many things. It means laughing more and worrying less.  It means embracing my flaws and enjoying the fruits of life and trying less to try at all.  Twenty-five was a learning year that I took my time to myself and sent out to find out what I wanted and how to love myself better.
Twenty-six means acceptance, adventure, freedom, openness, frugality, self-love, responsibility and passion.
I have learned to let go of so many worries and I am choosing happiness as a journey.  I am choosing to see things brightly and to enjoy things as they come.  I also am not sitting back and letting life pass me by either.  This year I will travel, I will love I will choose me and my soul and my health.  I am back on track from a formerly low low place and now I am so happy I chose a better journey.
Happy Bday to meee!


In love with my new accessories!!
Forever 21 platforms.   Zara studded leather belt LF taupe bag Banana Republic Lace Tank, Jewel Button Cardigan Tobi Sunglasses, cuff bracelet Tiffany&Co "A" Cursive Necklace INC Skirt
YAY for FALL 2012! Thanks Cait for the photo! xo
I hope to post many more outfits soon!