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Showing posts from August 5, 2012

Meet Luna

So I have been wanting a pet for a very long time. I was unsure if I could afford it.  I've had this longing to feel like I had someone to love in a family way that made my home feel even more like home.  A dog was out of the question right now because of my lifestyle and where I live.  But I have in recent years really warmed up to my sister's cats and thought that I should take on a new challenge.  Something was truly missing in my life and I know now that it was her.

I rescued Luna from a woman who was fostering some rescues and I just fell in love.  I can't even tell you how my mood has improved and my stress level lowered.  Her cuddles and love and adorable face keep me smiling while I'm at home and I never feel lonely.  She does silly things and makes me laugh and also fulfills the need to love something unconditionally. I love taking care of her.  Right now she's made me broke but i wanted to make sure she was cozy in my home.  I know I can't give her ev…