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Showing posts from July 29, 2012

Stuff I Want

So my very lame 26th bday is coming up in 2 months and well I usually like to bookend my Birthday in with Christmas....sooooo if you feel like buying me presents, here is what I am suggesting!!

1. Pay off my Credit Cards/Student Loans...
You can pick one or all, I mean it's your choice. But the thing is they exist and make my life more miserable so if you want me to be happy this year, help a sista out (you know like Steve Martin in shop-girl...except don't break my heart)

2. A Drill
I hate asking boys to come over to hang shit or build shit because I can DO IT MYSELF GUYS! If I need help I will ask.  Every real single girl needs their own drill and I have decided I want one, and a pun intended.

3. Guitar/music shit
I always need more strings, picks and all kinda of shit.  My me a new $200 microphone, go for it.

4. Jameson

5. Gift Card to AMAZON
I literally don't buy anything anywhere except here. ok that's a lie, but I mean I know what I want/need and…