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9 Things You Should've done by 25

Yep that's right.  You should've done some awesome shit that goes into this category.  Not to say that you're a destructive person or need to do anything illegal but it should be in the cards to do a little rebelling.  This could mean playing hookie and taking out your dad's Ferrari for a spin, throwing an epic house party in which all the tile is broken (happened to a friend) or you know managed to spike the punch at PROM. Either way being a part of a "fucking shit up" plan helps you to grow up in the long run.

It's sad how dates don't seem to happen and that chivalry and the formality of this has been lost on our generation. Yes it can be nerve wracking and put you on the spot but I mean every guy or girl should go one a traditional date at some point.  Guys pay, girls look cute.  Movies and/or dinner.  Maybe it's silly think that a guy has to drive by your home and come pick you up and give you flowers, but I mean why…