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Dad-ly Advice from Norm and Gary

Things my Dads taught me:

Norm: "Walk it off" - Whether it's a baseball in the face, a broken heart or a tough midterm, get up, dust yourself off and get back in the game.

Gary: "Politics is in everything" seriously, with friends, work, school shit goes down and sometimes its just who you know, or you know, just comes down to politics.

Norm: "You're more normal being crazy than being perfect" seriously, I know now that the fact we all got crap and baggage but if someone WERE perfect they'd be the odd man out.  Be yourself, even if its cray. Nobody is perfect. Love yourself anyway.

Gary: "Pay with cash" This often is a good idea. Can't trace it and well, it's done and paid for.

Norm: "Always keep three irons in the fire" This goes along with the 3 song rule.  you play one song and people ask for another, you play a second when people ask for an encore and then say ok, this is my last song for the 3rd, boom, people ar…

Where I'm Going

CUT COPY - "Where I'm Going"
This song makes me very happy. I just wanted to give an update on my personal life.  I am finally very happy.  I am doing the things I love to do (ie. blogging, songwriting, performing, making money) I can finally get through the day without fearing every fear.  I feel healthy and loved and mostly my perspective has evolved.  I feel like my dreams are finally possible because I am trying my best not to stand in my own way.  I finally can see that I am not perfect and should not expect others or myself to be.  I am learning to go with the flow a lot more easily and everyone around me seems to recognize my growth! Thank you to everyone who has been there for my this past year, thank you for kind words, your love and your understanding as I try to understand myself.  I hope my music will reach soon as I will be recording a demo and moving along with that process.  Forever Grateful, Alexinhwood

Tobi Online Boutique

I just did a little online shopping. I know I know I shouldn't be but I couldn't pass up the new arrivals on  AAHHHH You all need to check it out and LIKE them on FACEBOOK for SALES and SPECIALS!!! I can't wait to get my goodies in the mail!! GREAT PRICES and great CLOTHES
Xo, Alexinhwood

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