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Let's Talk About Sex Baby

Hey all, cafeteria Catholic here.  I like to think I'm Neo Catholic.  You know someone who embraces tradition and community and the miracle of Christ's Saving Grace but I also believe in love.  So if I want gay people to marry because they deserve to, obviously that's only legal and not recognized by the church, I get that but I mean does that make me a bad Catholic for wanting what it respresents, Universal love and welcomingness.  One thing about Catholicism is that unlike other religions I find it to be very warm and loving and high in moral standard which I have always fit right into.  Until I fell I in love and grew up.

One day I looked at myself in the mirror and I said, "Alex you are going to have sex today" And I did with someone I loved very much and it was awesome.  I did not however get struck by lightening.  Which is nice because I wanted to do it again.  And again times infinity.  I wan't a teenager and I waited long enough to feel strong enough …

The Receptionists

It's a FRIDAY so here's a cartoon!

Makeup and Beauty: Foundation

I have started to use this and I LOVE IT!!!  My skin looks flawless and I also use their Age Rewind Concealer I also use Revlon Primer so I don't break out over some Neutrogena moisturizer Spf 15 Lotion
I've been getting compliments on my skin so I thought I would share my secret.  I also feel more free to wear just a light application of this with some mascara and blush and I feel simple and pretty.

15 Things I'm sorry I told you...

That you look weird in that outfit...I mean I'm just honest, you asked and you do.

About that one time I almost bought boots, srsly, they were awesome.

That I hate food, I really do. I wish I never had to eat, except for that cookie, and Momo and sunflower seeds.

About that weird sexy dream I had, TMI but I mean I had to tell someone...

About the 300 boys I have, has, had crushes on...

Anything about 50 Shades of Grey...I can't help it.

What I might be thinking I may or may not what to make for dinner, but srsly does that sound good or no?

"OMG Pretty Little Liars is on tonight"

that dirty joke about your mom...

"No I have never been on a plane." (I KNOW YOU KNOW ALREADY)

"OMG you have to hear this new song I wrote."

"Why didn't you tweet me back!!!??"

"Ohh I have to check in on Foursquare."

"Dude he liked my status, so what does that mean about...US"

"Omg so at work I met...[famous celebrity] "

ok 16..

Hair, Skin & Nails

Starting to take these today...I'll let you know how it goes! :D

Silverlake Arts & Crafts & Vintage Flea Market

Hot boys with beards selling records Cod Save the Queen Food Truck!! @Codsavethequeen Check out Bowjie for her amaze handmade bows out of recycled materials! Absolutely love! Veggie Burger from the @CurryWurstTruck Terra Cotta Sun! Reminds me of my Momma's sun collection So much to choose from... Vintage Found my name on a tag!!!! It didn't fit or I would've bought it! OMG THOSE GLOVES!!! Exactly what I'm looking for but they were too small! I'd want softer material.
Until next time...
YAY! MORE FLEA MARKETS!! I'll post pics of what I bought when I get them all set! xo 

Happy Mother's Day !

3 Musketeers since the Beginning!
I love you Momma!