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SHOP NOW: American Eagle Outfitters

Shop at AE for Great items on sale right now. Perfect for spring.  New looks avail May 23 so they are trying to sell all of their stock right now.  Great prices and cute looks! Shorts are also $25 right now and I just bought some yesterday sooooo cute!!

My Favorite Movies Evar

The Princess Bride
Say Anything
Robin Hood: Men in Tights
The Natural
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Center Stage
The Fox and the Hound
Rush Hour
Moulin Rouge
The Notebook
It's a Wonderful Life
Just Friends
Out of Africa
The Rescuers Down Under
A Little Princess
The Man from Snowy River
Death Proof
Toy Story
Baz Lurhman's Romeo + Juliet
Lord of the Rings (all of em)
The Sandlot
Old School
500 Days of Summer
A River Runs Through It
Fievel Goes West
Harry Potter series
The Jerk
The Three Amigos
Phantom of the Opera
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Man On Fire
Breakfast at Tiffany's
West Side Story

15 Things I Don't Remember...

1) How to send a fax...really guys, who sends them anyway, and even when you do send one, who gets it? who stands by a noisy beeping machine waiting for your message to print when you could've PDF'd it ...when's the last time your boss said..."hey send that Facsimile to the client."

2) Running...let's be realistic...who "really" runs anyway...or uses air quotes "correctly."

3) How to survive full court game of basketball...seriously that shit is impossible. I may be 25 but COME ON...cherry picking all the way.

4) Feeling like I was going die if I didn't hear that ONE SONG...I may be 12 (x2) now but never again will I have to legit tape a song off the radio just to hear it when I want...I just youtube, spotify, itunes that shit and its mine....alllllll mine.

5) Wearing curlers to bed....why did I go through all that annoying and uncomfortable trouble just to have ugly curly hair never looked like the gals in the curler package…

Conveyor x Fred Segal

You know we bad.