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I Have a Right to Love Who I Choose and So Should You

My thoughts are confused, sad and angry for all the hate that is out there in the world.  I watched the movie Bully and have been reading articles about gay kids, any kids getting bullied.  I see news about kids committing suicide even after we tell them, it get's better.  Does it? That's what I want to know.

I remember a time when I felt like I knew the right way to do everything.  I grew up Catholic and I have always been one to follow all the rules because yes it made me feel like I could be the best, most perfect and maybe inside my mind, better than the rest.  I knew by being a good kid that I would be the "good girl" parents and teachers would honor and I wouldn't make anyone worry about me or fear my mistakes.  I learned from other's mistakes, I didn't need to make them or hurt myself or others in the process. While that has taken a toll on me as a growing adult I realized perfection isn't everything and that even me, my religion and my own fam…