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Springtime for Fashionistas

CHLOE swimsuit Fringe Benefits Vintage Styles Blog source  Spring Whites

St. Patrick's Day

Home Brewed Belgian  Whitney My Leprechaun Green Beer Whit and Bodhi Cupcakes filled with booze.

Friends Shouldn't Date Your Exes

Is there a rule for your close friends dating your exes,  YES.  I always liked the idea of if the boy made you cry, it was super serious, you thought they were your soul mate, your ex is YOUR ex.  Meaning your friends should respect your relationship past or present and know they are off limits.  I know this sounds insane to some and totally normal to others.  Some people are just off limits.  If there was something happening that was written in the stars or something I think the friend (about to betray the other) should inform them of their feelings for that persons ex.  Therefore, saying, your feelings matter, you're important to me, I don't want to hurt you, but my feelings are real.  However because most people are cowards and hate confrontation and like many annoying plots in movies when everyone lies and is self serving trying to "protect" their friends from the just ruins everything.

I get having feelings for someone you shouldn't. Been there. …