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Heavy Steppers

I live on the top floor of an apartment.  Three lovely ladies live in the apartment directly below and I often wonder why I can hear them stepping soo loudly.  Now I have lived in many apartments and dorms throughout my life. I have endured my fair share of inappropriately loud neighbors and the awful terrible plight of neighbors who are "heavy steppers." It's absolutely insane to be able to hear steps from the apartment BELOW.  Because of all my experiences I have learned to be a gentle or light stepper, as I am always gently and quietly walking about and usually in socks or slippers on my hardwood floor.  I try not to put my shoes on until I'm about to leave, especially loud clunky heels.  My only vice is that I'm a singer/songwriter and my neighbors get the best concerts. I'm lucky though, they only have good things to say, thank God!

But, honestly what could they possibly be doing down there? This is not an issue of weight of course.  I feel it's beca…

Show Crush: Liz Olsen

Elizabeth Olson - Martha May

Dear Friend,

Dear Friend,

I hope we are still friends.  Every time I see you we usually fall back into our usual routine.  You've always been my support and I've always been the kid just wanting to have fun.  But see we are older now and live in different cities.  You have a penis and I have a vagina.  Our worlds don't mesh as easily as they once did when our childhood hearts were always close.  I start to wonder how well I know you and how I am afraid I don't know you well at all.  I always was the one talking and you always listened, drove me around and met me wherever to hang out.  I always felt we had our unique thing with underlying flirtation yet you feel like family.  Always curious about what was going on your head and never knowing much about your emotions, I just knew we'd always be us and I was afraid that if that ever changed our friendship be changed for good.  You could've kissed me in high school and we'd know how it feel by now.  But you didn't and s…

5 Things I Learned this Weekend

I was only following the said 2 tablespoons of oil, heat then add gyozas...after 4 min ADD 4 TABLESPOONS of WATER, cover and simmer/steam for 4 min.  I DID THAT.  But apparently I had too much oil in the pan still and after I added the water, explosions everywhere.  I can say I have now officially hid from my stove under a blanket so that I could turn down the heat.  Please note, I have a gas stove.  Let's just say that was a really fun mess to clean up.  Next time, if I choose to brave cooking this again...I will wear an apron, use less oil and use a pan with a real cover on it and utilized my splatter screen.  Apparently you can pour the water through that....DUH!!  Seriously I have never seen anything like it! Popping, exploding hot oil!! Do not make my same mistake.

So my roommate had been out of town for a while and I was used to being in my robe with you know bra and underw…