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Lana Del Rey - Born To Die


Lana Del Rey aka Elizabeth Grant aka Lizzie Grant is breakout hyped up new star.  She let out one song and blew people away.  Media has really bullied her for not being they expected...let her do her thing! This video is amazing and I can't get the tune out of my head.  Pop, indie, melodramatic...everything I love about music...granted the whole CD at one time, proly hard to get through...but one song at a time...I'll go on Lana's dark twisty path with her!  Give her a chance and don't let other people's reviews make you judge it!

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xo, Alexinhwood

Spirit Babies

Feel beyond what you see love for you, love for thee Lonely souls felt all around me Breathe in - breathe out
Sunshine in my hair, upon your face so amazed to be in your grace lovely light gentle lace our hands bind like lovers lie
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5 Things to Stop Worrying About at 25

Warning: Adult subject matter and language...obvi xo, Alexinhwood

Getting Married - 1've been planning Your Big Day since you were 5.  You swore that like your parents who were hip and young in the 80's, you'd be married by 22 and living on your own in a house/apartment/mobile home. Also you've played MASH soo many times of course you're going to marry your crush right out of high school in that taffeta gown and Lil' Bestie will be your Maid of Honor.  BUT Thanks to the economy, college debt and a declining job market we got to live at home a little longer and looked a little bit more miserable and less cool to the opposite sex.  I had to move out of my old lady's house (my 75 yr old Scottish Roommate who was awesome) because I legit couldn't bring a guy there or hang out really at all in the 1970's decor-ed "sitting room" that didn't have a TV and I ain't bringing a date to "hang out" in my bedroom becau…