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Showing posts from January 8, 2012

Letter to the Masses

I haven't written prose in awhile.  Maybe I am a little more concerned about laying out my insights on the page. I love fashion and I love beauty.  I love it in all forms but I also love it naturally and sometimes as a costume.  While I showcase things here that I find beautiful and inspiring I do so not only for an audience but for myself.  A page to turn to when things get hard, I can always look at stunning things that make a euphoric effect.

I have always enjoyed the glamour of entertaining and I love being on stage in lights and I love wearing fancy dresses.  While that's girly and awesome I also have a fascination with perfection and nirvana, both fleeting concepts.  To obtain the obtainable has become a quest and sometimes it can only exist in a picture.  Sometimes taken from a cell phone or from a 5D camera.  Whatever it is everyone has suddenly become a photographer with instant edit and their fingertips (literally).  While the idea of a perfect photograph is so sexy…

New Desk : New Room

Time to start building my desk that I ordered from Amazon!! After  <3 LOVE LOVE LOVE Desk Decor with my besties!!