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Beauty and Fashion Muses

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My 2012 Beauty Resolutions

I got this idea from Lauren Conrad's blog, thebeautydepartment to make a 2012 Beauty Resolution List And I thought I'd make my own!

Cheers to 2012!

I vow to:

Wash my face correctly twice a day.

Give my skin time to breathe.

Find the right anti-aging night cream, never too early to care for your gentle facial skin.

Clean my makeup brushes weekly.

Learn to bite my nails less and then hopefully not at all...

Let my hair air-dry once in awhile...don't have to have a perfect hairdo everyday.

Maybe add a little color.

Take a break from all that bronzer.

Stop picking, pinching and making my imperfections worse.

Use concealer so that some days I don't need to wear full foundation, just concealer, mascara and pinched cheeks.

Drink more water than booze... (fingers crossed)


Not Over-Tweeze by eyebrows...ugh, so easy to just keep gooooing.

Mix it up with ideas from Pinterest! :D

Organize my closet so I know what's in it!

Sell, Reuse, Replace, RePurpose, ReVamp

Try new u…

Happy New Year!!!

Cheers to a Happy 2012!!!