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Meet Luna

So I have been wanting a pet for a very long time. I was unsure if I could afford it.  I've had this longing to feel like I had someone to love in a family way that made my home feel even more like home.  A dog was out of the question right now because of my lifestyle and where I live.  But I have in recent years really warmed up to my sister's cats and thought that I should take on a new challenge.  Something was truly missing in my life and I know now that it was her.

I rescued Luna from a woman who was fostering some rescues and I just fell in love.  I can't even tell you how my mood has improved and my stress level lowered.  Her cuddles and love and adorable face keep me smiling while I'm at home and I never feel lonely.  She does silly things and makes me laugh and also fulfills the need to love something unconditionally. I love taking care of her.  Right now she's made me broke but i wanted to make sure she was cozy in my home.  I know I can't give her every toy ever made.  I'm one proud mama.  I'm training her not to "love-bite" me when she wants attention.  She is learning and is increasingly more and more loving towards me.  I just can't even express how happy the addition of her into my life has made me. I am so blessed and glad I went with my gut.

Her adoption photo
on the ride home, a little scared but finally going home
getting cozy on my bed
watching TV with mama
shadow kitty in the window
Luna and her Monkey (which now has no arm and no head...)
who I fall asleep and wake up to! My love Luna! 

If you're a person with a need to love and care for another, a kitty is a wonderful choice.  They can be very affectionate and also very independent as they take care of themselves.  I love her so much.

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