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Dad-ly Advice from Norm and Gary

Things my Dads taught me:

Norm: "Walk it off" - Whether it's a baseball in the face, a broken heart or a tough midterm, get up, dust yourself off and get back in the game.

Gary: "Politics is in everything" seriously, with friends, work, school shit goes down and sometimes its just who you know, or you know, just comes down to politics.

Norm: "You're more normal being crazy than being perfect" seriously, I know now that the fact we all got crap and baggage but if someone WERE perfect they'd be the odd man out.  Be yourself, even if its cray. Nobody is perfect. Love yourself anyway.

Gary: "Pay with cash" This often is a good idea. Can't trace it and well, it's done and paid for.

Norm: "Always keep three irons in the fire" This goes along with the 3 song rule.  you play one song and people ask for another, you play a second when people ask for an encore and then say ok, this is my last song for the 3rd, boom, people are so impressed and you leave 'em wanting more.

Norm: "If you think about it too much, you're going to drive yourself crazy" This is just true.  Worrying comes natural to me, but sometimes it is just a waste of time. I've learned to just try to let things go and ask questions when it's really necessary.

Norm: "never get too drunk where you can't save someone's else life" If you're out partying and something happens and you find out that you could have helped someone or saved their life but were too drunk, you'll never forgive yourself.  Don't go out and get too drunk, ever.

Gary and Norm: "Follow your Dreams" They both have reminded me of the reality but have always supported my singing and my music.  I cannot have asked for better support and love even though it's not a set done deal, they believe in me and remind me I can make my dreams come true.

Norm: "Follow you Gut" If it's telling you something's off it's probably right. Adjust accordingly.

Gary: "Knowing American and World history helps back up any argument and makes you sound smart"  It's true. know what war was when, who won and how our laws came about is not just beneficial to your own voting but also helps out in social situations when no one knows the facts. Know your history.                        

Gary and Norm: "Family is everything"  You only got one family and like it or not you gotta take care of each other.

I'm sure there are many things I've learned from them and these are just small ones I had in my head at the moment.  I love my dads and I love all the wonderful sacrifices they have made for me!! I could not be where and who I am today without their love and fervor. I cannot imagine a day without them and though I live two hours away their lessons and their love is with me all the time.

Happy Father's Day!

My Dad, Norm
Gary, my Step-Dad at my sister's wedding

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