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9 Things You Should've done by 25

Yep that's right.  You should've done some awesome shit that goes into this category.  Not to say that you're a destructive person or need to do anything illegal but it should be in the cards to do a little rebelling.  This could mean playing hookie and taking out your dad's Ferrari for a spin, throwing an epic house party in which all the tile is broken (happened to a friend) or you know managed to spike the punch at PROM. Either way being a part of a "fucking shit up" plan helps you to grow up in the long run.

It's sad how dates don't seem to happen and that chivalry and the formality of this has been lost on our generation. Yes it can be nerve wracking and put you on the spot but I mean every guy or girl should go one a traditional date at some point.  Guys pay, girls look cute.  Movies and/or dinner.  Maybe it's silly think that a guy has to drive by your home and come pick you up and give you flowers, but I mean why not?  Prom is one thing but at least at some point do something fun and special and not just "drinks" or hanging out at home making out on the couch.  Go on a real date, you deserve it.

Seriously this is important as a child and so awesome as an adult.  But you should definitely have been to Disneyland by now.  ESPECIALLY NOW THAT CARS LAND IS OPEN!! Drinks in California Adventure! The Teacups! Effing Thunder Mountain! PIRATES!! Seriously I know I grew up in SO CAL but SO WHAT! You just take the I-5 to Anaheim and do the thang already and give Mickey Mouse a hug.

I don't know who out there can afford to not have a job by now, or not had one ever...but I started working at 16...14 if you count cleaning people's kitchens for $20.  I always knew money would not be available if I didn't make it myself so I'm on like my second hand for jobs I'm pretty sure and I've been at this one for 4 years.  Talk about commitment, 'na mean?  Even if you got laid off, why don't you have a job? I don't care about your at whatever you have to do to make shit happen ok!

I'm not gonna be too explicit here, but I think you know what I mean...even if you haven't had sex yet, you should learn your body and get to know yourself.  Whether with a partner or with a glass of wine and 50 Shades of Grey and a hand somewhere else, people it's only natural to get there.  Boys figure it out early, don't sit there all couped up and love yourself, get to know yourself and I promise it will only make you a better lover in the long run and make you a lot more relaxed. :D

Go somewhere, see something, meet new people, cartwheel in a meadow, go on a hike, scream atop Aspen Mountains at 11,000 feet.  Do something, somewhere's very good for your soul to retreat somewhere to re-center. Be a little selfish, realign your chi, search for nirvana with or without friends, somewhere else.

Take a pen and paper and write someone a note.  Seeing someone's handwriting is a part of their personality.  Take a moment out of the digital era and send someone a letter.  You'll feel a real connection and someone will love getting that in the mail.

Scrapbook? Science Fair? Build something with your hands.  A quilt? a cake? something real, I guess you could count web design but I mean, BUILD SOMETHING!! You'll see it before you and find purpose, worth and self fulfillment.

Forgive them for all the drama, the shit, the tears, the only have one until you marry and create more of you.  But seriously our parents are humans too and they fuck up, and you will fuck up with your kids.  We all do the best we can, so love each other anyway and toughen up!

I guess you all know where my priorities are...
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