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Marina Keegan: A Girl Cherished, Lost

courtesy of Facebook

I didn't know this girl, but she sounds like someone I would've liked to know.  How I know about her comes to me in Facebook post from a co-worker and friend. A loss, a young woman, now a memory.  I didn't know her until I got word of her unfortunate passing in a car wreck in Massachusetts on Saturday, just 5 days after graduating magnum cum laude from Yale.  Just that sentence makes me cringe. Only 22 and had already made a name for herself as a writer, actress and activist.  I did not know Marina Keegan but I am envious of those who did, on the other side of the United States where it snows and Ivy Leagues are closely knit, a world I have never known.  I am so deeply upset by this stranger's death.  I see her picture that the Yale websites have posted and she looks so serene so humble and so herself.  It makes me cry to think she finally was going to have a start in the world and was moving to New York.  I remembered how happy I was to finally graduate.  I did it!  And she did it, she completed college, her family proud and still accepting graduation gifts now has to accept condolences for an entirely different affair.  I am sad, I am wounded, I am so deeply distraught by this news.  Two of my co-workers knew her.  This girl, like my once 22 year old self, had hope upon a milestone, her graduation.  She had a strong voice in her university and left behind some amazing writings and theater pieces.  I can only hope that one day my work would effect people the way she has.  I am someone she will never know.  But today she helped me to remember how important each day is and how our art, our feelings, our voice, no matter how alone one could feel, is heard and cherished by many.  I will take her example to be my most authentic self and to continue to hone my crafts and do my work against the odds.  Rest in peace Marina and may your family be ever blessed with love.  I'm glad I know you now.

Read her work, it's an inspiration:
3. keegan-senior-year-without-society
4. another-view-the-science-and-strategy-of-college-recruiting


One of my biggest fears is to be forgotten, to be left behind, to die and have not made a difference.  Whether Marina knew it or not, it is very evident she made a mark.  Will I have enough time to make my mark?  Will I find the opposite of loneliness, will the time I have be enough?  Am I enough?  I don't know.  I guess all I can do is appreciate the time I have now, love myself as I am and continue to express myself through my songs, my writing and my voice.

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