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15 Things I Don't Remember...

1) How to send a fax...really guys, who sends them anyway, and even when you do send one, who gets it? who stands by a noisy beeping machine waiting for your message to print when you could've PDF'd it ...when's the last time your boss said..."hey send that Facsimile to the client."

2) Running...let's be realistic...who "really" runs anyway...or uses air quotes "correctly."

3) How to survive full court game of basketball...seriously that shit is impossible. I may be 25 but COME ON...cherry picking all the way.

4) Feeling like I was going die if I didn't hear that ONE SONG...I may be 12 (x2) now but never again will I have to legit tape a song off the radio just to hear it when I want...I just youtube, spotify, itunes that shit and its mine....alllllll mine.

5) Wearing curlers to bed....why did I go through all that annoying and uncomfortable trouble just to have ugly curly hair never looked like the gals in the curler package.

6) Not having the internet...remember when you had to look in an encyclopedia or go to a library.....EW! Or watch the movie to find out who was in it, I mean how would we know anything without google...SCARY, Maybe it's more like i wish I didn't know everything about everyone all the time...le sigh...God forbid you wouldn't want to be stuck with only the "V" Encyclopedia...

7) Home phones...Honestly who has a home phone anymore? WHY? its so big? How come I can't post to Facebook from there?

8) When Cops was the only Reality TV show... WHAT ARE THE BAD GUYS GONNA DO THIS TIME...who cares when you can watch middle aged women whine and WINE...oh puns.

9) Travel agents... do they still exist?...and if they do why would you go to one when you can get a sweet deal on Groupon...CABO here we come!

10) Being excited for 3pm. 3pm may mean that school is out...BUT I AM STILL WORKING...3pm is nothing special and it only reminds me that I have 3 more hours of WORK. BOOO HIIISSSS

11) Non-alcoholic drinks... enough said.

12) Summer Camp Crushes...I hope he'll sit next to me at lunchtime...I hope he doesn't notice my sunburn...swoon...we you know we got a flirty poke and not a virtual one...oh the days of innocent swoon-age...innocence? what's that?

13) Time Outs...Man I got so many of those in Kindergarten it seemed like was the Mayor of Time Out Chair....Now Either I'm just never bad anymore or they don't give them out at jobs...lucky though because I if I didn't know any better I know a couple of people who could use a TIME OUT right now.

14) Paper Maps...Can you read a map?  I used to be able like 5th grade when we learned about it's like scales, keys, colors, tributaries, WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING...just tell me how to get from A-to B and Siri just tells me... :D

15) Feeling like I have it all together....Let's face it. life is nuts and we never ever really have a firm handle it on I guess i'll surrender to the madness and just have some fun.
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