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Heavy Steppers

I live on the top floor of an apartment.  Three lovely ladies live in the apartment directly below and I often wonder why I can hear them stepping soo loudly.  Now I have lived in many apartments and dorms throughout my life. I have endured my fair share of inappropriately loud neighbors and the awful terrible plight of neighbors who are "heavy steppers." It's absolutely insane to be able to hear steps from the apartment BELOW.  Because of all my experiences I have learned to be a gentle or light stepper, as I am always gently and quietly walking about and usually in socks or slippers on my hardwood floor.  I try not to put my shoes on until I'm about to leave, especially loud clunky heels.  My only vice is that I'm a singer/songwriter and my neighbors get the best concerts. I'm lucky though, they only have good things to say, thank God!

But, honestly what could they possibly be doing down there? This is not an issue of weight of course.  I feel it's because people are unaware of themselves at home. At home you can let loose and shouldn't have to worry about a thing. BUT I MEAN IF YOU'RE POUNDING ON THE FLOOR? Come On!

Now I've lived with a few who are guilty of Heavy Stepping.  It's always a touchy subject. I mean you don't want to tell your friend/and or roommate to stop being a fatty and try to step more lightly because it's their apartment too.  It is odd to me that people don't notice it or the loud pounding that occurs while they walk.  Maybe I'm just hyper aware all the time...well I know for a fact I'm hyper aware of myself and how people perceive me but I mean COME ON.

This issue also brings me back to my childhood when I lived in La Mesa with just my mom and my sister in a Four-plex.  My mom was convinced the couple that lived directly above had it out for us, or at least his wife did.  That guy was always so nice to my mom and it felt like her heavy stepping was ON PURPOSE to make our lives more miserable.  The "bitch in apartment 1" was hard to escape and never let us forget she was home and that her husband was, well, hers.

Now that I have brought you attention to HEAVY STEPPING, CUT IT OUT and respect your neighbors! If anything be a little more aware of yourself in your home space and see are you stomping about or merely walking to the bathroom.  Are you an earthquake, because it feels like it when you walk...thanks.

Happy Friday!
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