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Single Girl's Ode to Valentine's Day

I have never been more happy in my whole life to NOT HAVE a Valentine.  No expectations, no disappointment, I'm finally freeeee.  It's been a good many years since I've felt this way, since this commercial (but supposed to be sweet and romantic) Hallmark Holiday exists, people and I have always felt the need to participate, propose, dress up, buy, cook and shower their lovers with goodies.  While I have had a few amazing Valentine's Days, I have had more miserable ones than good.

Lucky for me misery does not await.  I'm a happy single girl though, there are many different kinds of being single.

There is the "I'm recently single" single which is usually the worst because you are broken, desperate and emotional...leads to a rough Valentine's Day because you aren't with him/her and even though the breakup was(wasnt) your fault, you wish for just one second you could be together just one more time, just this one day because it would make you feel better, less alone and like someone really cared for five seconds, so you drink by yourself or desperately make an ass of yourself at your friend's party and you end up crying and drunk.

There is the "I've been single for too long" single and I realllly wish SOMEONE cared about me enough to ask me out because I could use a night and a good lay if you know what I mean but not Strange dick/pussy someone I care about about, and have fallen for...which isn't possible because I'm not dating anyone and don't have anyone in my dick queue, because my Netflix queue is looking waaay better than that these days so can you set me up with your single friend on your group dinner so maybe it can all work out? I'm going to keep bugging you until you set me up anyway because man I reallllly want a boyfriend...

There is the "I'm dating but I'm single" single. You have a couple dudes/chicks on speed dial for the night out at that cool DineLA spot, concert, froyo you like.  One, you like more than the others but it's still too soon to tell if its going to be a "just fun" thing or a "omg let's be together" thing, so you're staying single and weighing your options and you wouldn't mind a BF for real but you're not rushing it because you get to go out to all kinds of fun places but Valentine's Day is coming up and you're thinking you have to pick one or none (girls-night!).  TOUGH CHOICE.  Hopefully you haven't slept with any of them, because then you have no REAL ties to any of them BUT if you know you wanna pick Valentine's Day might be the lucky day to choose if you know what I mean..wink wink.  Then you can say you guys were really together on VALENTINE's DAY...OH EM GEE soooo romantic.

and there's me...The "I'm finally not in love with anyone or sad about anyone and not looking and happy to be single" single.  I DO NOT WANT YOUR PITY FLOWERS! I DO NOT WANT TO GO OUT TO DINNER WITH YOU!  I'm so happy that on this day I will not be crying that he didn't get the hints. I will not be sad that HE FORGOT we made plans.  I will not be let down when he does not notice my matchy pink and red lingerie I spent money on.  I will not be upset that he didn't even MENTION Valentine's Day ONCE even though I left a card by your bed and kissed you goodbye and we texted that day...NOTHING.  And I am NOT jealous of your PDA, engagement or cute canoodling.  LUCKY for me, I will not have to worry about any of that AT ALL.  Maybe I'll call my dad or my best friends just to show my love but it feels so much better instead of running around to trying to prove something that isn't.  I get to dote on myself and DRINK WINE and DARK CHOCOLATE and NOT SHARE ANY OF IT!!! mwwwaahahahahaha. BEST DAY EVER!

So while half of the world is getting knocked up - engaged - broken up with - filled up on treats - I'll be happy in my own accord just so content that for the FIRST TIME in 25 YEARS....I actually love MYSELF.  And what a relief to see myself as loveable enough that I think this year, this Valentine's day...I'll be just fine.

To all you lovebirds...Enjoy! and to you all you singles, Love awaits but don't be weary! There's always my favorite boys...Jack, Jim, and Johnny...

While I still stand by my Valentines-Day-Survival-Kit Article I wrote last year, my sentiment this year is a little different because I'm different this year!  I'm working towards being happy with who I am and loving that person so I can better love and understand others. :D

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

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