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5 Things I Learned this Weekend

I was only following the said 2 tablespoons of oil, heat then add gyozas...after 4 min ADD 4 TABLESPOONS of WATER, cover and simmer/steam for 4 min.  I DID THAT.  But apparently I had too much oil in the pan still and after I added the water, explosions everywhere.  I can say I have now officially hid from my stove under a blanket so that I could turn down the heat.  Please note, I have a gas stove.  Let's just say that was a really fun mess to clean up.  Next time, if I choose to brave cooking this again...I will wear an apron, use less oil and use a pan with a real cover on it and utilized my splatter screen.  Apparently you can pour the water through that....DUH!!  Seriously I have never seen anything like it! Popping, exploding hot oil!! Do not make my same mistake.

So my roommate had been out of town for a while and I was used to being in my robe with you know bra and underwear on.  It's very cozy.  For some reason I forgot to wear my apron thinking...I saute things all the time, won't be a big deal.  Now because of the above experience I have one welt on my lower tummy.  Luckily it didn't hurt really or burn per se, BUT I did feel it jump at me when it happened.  Gulp.  Never again, MUST WEAR CLOTHES WHEN COOKING WITH OIL.

I went to two events this weekend that boasted and offered FREE BEER/WINE/BOOZE.  You name it, they had it.  And you know what I kindly said "no thanks."  Don't be too shocked.  Your resident beer whore can say no, I promise.  No one thinks I can do it for 40 days.  But I really think I can.  It'll be my first real test in the 8 years since I moved to Los Angeles and took up my fun party ways.  Yay college.  Hey Parents! Look what I learned at college!! Alcoholism!! Not really but I know I can do it! I think, maybe...kinda...ok fine. I'll DO IT! I can do it! No booze. Hurry up April 8th!!

You'd think sleeping in was fun and great.  And while I forced myself to stay in bed for the sake of the weekend I was actually very achy and uncomfortable.  But I stuck it out MAINLY because I could.  Whatever it was I was doing, I did until the kid next door started bouncing a basketball and hitting the backboard 800 times. Then I forced myself to get up, make coffee and watch Blade Trinity.  Happy Sunday!

After 12 episodes of Showtime's HOMELAND and The Actor's Gang production of 1984, I am VERY SKEPTICAL.  I am trying not to let it get to me however I find myself wondering WHO is listening? Is my laptop webcam really video-ing me when I'm not using it? Are my friends REALLY my friends? Where are you Big Brother? ok fine guys, I'll just take my Lexapro...I'll be ok. I swear I'm not THAT crazy...

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