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I Gained Fifteen Pounds and I'm a Happier Woman.

Gaining weight sounds like something you don't really write home about.  I doubt it's just America that feels that being thin or this gaunt version of perfection that magazines and lookbooks flaunt, is what is beautiful.  But even so we see the women on the page and want to be them. We want the clothes to fall off our bodies and flow and we want those hip bones and flat tummies.  This is all pretty odd though, because women want it, men don't desire it.

   I was always a very skinny girl. I could never finish my meal but I ate throughout the day,.I was always eating.  I was active as a kid with soccer and dance and that slowed late into college as I quit dancing everyday, I graduated and then got a desk job.  Though I was maintaining my thin figure, I was not in shape.  I was actually very unhappy.  but everyday, though anxiety ridden and scared of everything, at least I was skinny...I was still winning somehow.  That is so sad isn't it? To be very unhappy and sad b…

Hello. It's Almost Christmas

I cannot believe that Christmas is upon us.  It has been a very big learning year for me.  I am so excited with everything that is going on in my life.  Haven't written in a little while as I have been very active on my ALEXINHWOOD Tumblr account, which is connected to my Instagram.  I am officially done with all my Christmas shopping and I am looking forward to giving my gifts to the ones that are special to me.

I AM SO EXCITED THAT I AM GOING TO DISNEYLAND TOMORROW AND I WILL HAVE MANY FUN PICTURES TO POST.  I also owe you some Halloween pictures which will come soon!

I Was Bullied...And I Survived

I think we can all agree that bullying is a normal thing to endure in school.  While its normal to be taunted by youngsters for having red hair, or being short or being a teacher pet...there's a survival technique to your place on the playground.  But while its the governing of that playground by the popular kids that causes us loners and outcasts to cry ourselves to sleep every night  all we want is to belong, all we want is to feel a part of something and that our peers approve of us.  Some kids manipulate and damage greatly the wannabes without even thinking about the consequences because somehow they get praise from the other kids that just want to do what is cool.  It's so confusing and wrong but just how it is to grow up.  But now that cyber bullying has greatly affected the world, it has too become a new way to damage our youth, and subsequently our youngster's innocence.  Now I believe in free speech and free internet.  But anonymity, while it keeps safe the wors…




i try to write list
of things i cannot live without
i try to write my list
erase any of my doubt

you are my favorite thing
cant think of of any other reason to sing
it might be forever for us
but loving you is worth it to me

I walk along
my life, i may walk alone
when you aren't here
I think of you
and how you're my favorite
where the smiles you make
last for days
and your touch
sends magnetic waves
you're my favorite flavor
my comfiest pillow
my greatest adventure

you are my favorite thing
cant think of of any other reason to sing
it might be forever for us
but loving you is worth it to me

there's no other reason to be
loving you is my favorite thing



20 Alexinhwood Pet Peeves

Starting an orange and getting rind under your nails...
Running into doorknobs and getting bruised hips...
Workout and getting your hand caught in your headphones wire and flinging your phone/looking like an idiot.
Dropping the top of an ice cream cone, believe me it's happened, and it's NOT FUN.
Parking Tickets
Sea gulls eating my sandwich at the beach when I'm not looking.
Sunday and Monday street cleaning, limiting my parking options...
End of the bottle of wine...
Losing your keys, when you SWEAR you JUST had them
Burning the biscuits at Thanksgiving...
Picking the WRONG underwear with your outfit, IT RUINS YOUR DAY.
Hanging Hi Fives
When drivers don't's just so simple.
Being tickled is really more like torture
People asking question on Facebook when they can GOOGLE IT.
Running out of batteries when you really need them to work
Can't say the last one, starts will nails and ends with....chalkboard...

I'm sure…

What 26 means to me....

For me turning 26 is many things. It means laughing more and worrying less.  It means embracing my flaws and enjoying the fruits of life and trying less to try at all.  Twenty-five was a learning year that I took my time to myself and sent out to find out what I wanted and how to love myself better.
Twenty-six means acceptance, adventure, freedom, openness, frugality, self-love, responsibility and passion.
I have learned to let go of so many worries and I am choosing happiness as a journey.  I am choosing to see things brightly and to enjoy things as they come.  I also am not sitting back and letting life pass me by either.  This year I will travel, I will love I will choose me and my soul and my health.  I am back on track from a formerly low low place and now I am so happy I chose a better journey.
Happy Bday to meee!


In love with my new accessories!!
Forever 21 platforms.   Zara studded leather belt LF taupe bag Banana Republic Lace Tank, Jewel Button Cardigan Tobi Sunglasses, cuff bracelet Tiffany&Co "A" Cursive Necklace INC Skirt
YAY for FALL 2012! Thanks Cait for the photo! xo
I hope to post many more outfits soon!

Gig in San Diego! TONIGHT

Come to Saska's TONIGHT  for a Girl Power Hour Starts at 8:30 pm with ME!

Summer Lovin'

turquoise cat ears beaching Luna and the new floral Victorian Loveseat cuddles DIY Nails bows fried oreos at the fair

Meet Luna

So I have been wanting a pet for a very long time. I was unsure if I could afford it.  I've had this longing to feel like I had someone to love in a family way that made my home feel even more like home.  A dog was out of the question right now because of my lifestyle and where I live.  But I have in recent years really warmed up to my sister's cats and thought that I should take on a new challenge.  Something was truly missing in my life and I know now that it was her.

I rescued Luna from a woman who was fostering some rescues and I just fell in love.  I can't even tell you how my mood has improved and my stress level lowered.  Her cuddles and love and adorable face keep me smiling while I'm at home and I never feel lonely.  She does silly things and makes me laugh and also fulfills the need to love something unconditionally. I love taking care of her.  Right now she's made me broke but i wanted to make sure she was cozy in my home.  I know I can't give her ev…

Stuff I Want

So my very lame 26th bday is coming up in 2 months and well I usually like to bookend my Birthday in with Christmas....sooooo if you feel like buying me presents, here is what I am suggesting!!

1. Pay off my Credit Cards/Student Loans...
You can pick one or all, I mean it's your choice. But the thing is they exist and make my life more miserable so if you want me to be happy this year, help a sista out (you know like Steve Martin in shop-girl...except don't break my heart)

2. A Drill
I hate asking boys to come over to hang shit or build shit because I can DO IT MYSELF GUYS! If I need help I will ask.  Every real single girl needs their own drill and I have decided I want one, and a pun intended.

3. Guitar/music shit
I always need more strings, picks and all kinda of shit.  My me a new $200 microphone, go for it.

4. Jameson

5. Gift Card to AMAZON
I literally don't buy anything anywhere except here. ok that's a lie, but I mean I know what I want/need and…

Levitated Mass and ARt

Walking under the Rock gave me goosebumps. It was very powerful to be able to walk under such a Mass. It was a little terrifying but beautiful and I caught some cool images. Look I'm holding it up! #likeeveryoneinLA I see lights LACMA Landmark Lights Got my LA resident free ticket! woo  I had to use bills from the mail to prove my address :p People Watching...Art Gazing Walking to La Brea Tar Pits Poor lil' guys It started RAINING, put my little hat on!
I NEED TO GO BACK and visit more exhibits but it was a nice 2 hour break from life.

I will always remember how I felt experiencing this. It wasn't just a rock to me.


Drinking Champagne on a stoop...yep we are classy! Beaching
after the tasting... LOVES